10 Most Powerful Amalgam Characters From Amalgam (Crossover Of Marvel And DC)


There is a continuous debate among the comic book lovers about which publisher is better. However, in the 1990s, the two comic book giants came together and created the hybrids of their characters. This resulted in some mind-blowing characters which were then published under a short-lived brand, Amalgam Comics. Most of these characters were an amalgamation of the iconic characters such as the hybrid of Batman and Wolverine who was called Dark Claw.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the coolest characters created by Amalgam comics.

1. Super-Soldier


Super-Soldier is a result of the merger of Superman and Captain America. The US army gave a super-soldier serum to a 4-F volunteer. This serum was produced from the cellular specimen of an alien whose spaceship had landed on Earth in 1938. This volunteer was called Clark Kent who was affected by a burst of solar radiation. The scientists knew it was going to affect the soldier, but, it turned him into something entirely different.

2. Dark Claw

Dark Claw is the merger of the Dark Knight and Wolverine. Logan was only 5-years-old when he witnessed the murder of his parents. He went to his uncle in Canada who was a cop. After he left from there, he got employed with the Royal Canadian Air Force, and that’s where he met Creed H. Quinn. He was inducted into the Weapon X program, and Logan came to know about his mutant powers identical to Wolverine. He went on to become the world’s greatest detective. Helped by a wide range of gadgets, he battled the nastiest criminals. He went on to become the founding member of Justice League of Avengers.

3. Amazon

Amazon is the lightning superhero from the Amalgam brand. She was a hybrid of Storm and Wonder Woman. The Princess Ororo from Themyscira was a metamutant who had the power to control the weather.

4. Spider-Boy

After Project Cadmus tried to clone a gravity-controlling super-soldier, it led to Spider-Boy. They used Peter Parker’s DNA, but, the project was compromised, and while Peter died, his clone survived. Spider-Boy has powers to control gravity, walk up walls, and reduce the gravity of the objects that he touches.

5. Doctor Doomsday

Doctor Doomsday is among the most powerful Amalgam Comics supervillains. He is a mixture of Dr. Doom (Marvel) and Doomsday (DC) who battled the Challengers of the Fantastic, Judgment League Avengers, Magnetic Men, and the X-Patrol. He was the most frequently appearing Amalgam Comics villain.

6. Thanoseid

What do you get when you merge two of the most destructive supervillains from Marvel and DC? The mixture of Thanos and Darkseid was Thanoseid wh had the joint strength, stamina, powers, abilities, and skills of the two mega-villains put together. He rules Apokolips, and he sought Dr. Doomsday’s help to destroy the whole universe barring his own realm.

7. Thorion

Once you mix Thor and Orion, you get Thorion. The son of Thanoseid was handed over to All-Father Odin to end the battle between the Realms of Apokolips and New Asgard. He had the powers of Thor and Orion, and he was turned into The Celestial.

8. Mariner

Mariner is the hybrid of Namor the Sub-Mariner from Marvel and the Aquaman from DC. The former king of the Atlantis is among the earliest metamutants. Wielding a chained anchor strong enough to kill a sentinel with a single blow, he has the same powers as those wielded by Namor and Aquaman.

9. Captain Marvel

By merging Marvel and DC’s Captain Marvel, Amalgam Comics created William Mar-Vell. He is a boy who gets converted into a super-scientifically powered hero named Captain Marvel when he shouts “KREE.” He has the combined powers of both the Captain Marvels.

10. Iron Lantern

Iron-Lantern is the combination of Iron-Man and Green Lantern. He founded Stark Aircraft. Iron-Lantern was busy working on a flight simulator when the machine flew off with him on board and crashed close to an alien spacecraft. Stark got hurt in the crash, and a metallic piece got embedded in his chest. Stark approached the spaceship where he spotted a dying alien, Rhomann Sur.

He also figured out that he was also dying and created a suit using the alien tech which was powered by a battery he had discovered from the wreckage. The suit protected his life and also gave him superpowers. He is capable of creating almost anything he wishes by leveraging the green energy sourced from Oa, the Living Planet.