10 Superheroes That Can Destroy The World If They Became Supervillains


Don’t we all just love superheroes? We grew up looking up to the numerous superheroes that are incredibly powerful and had unimaginable super strength and powers. These superheroes have been frightening as well because of their immense powers and their ability to destroy the world if they want. So, that is what we are going to take a look at today. If these superheroes who want to do good for the world do ever turn rogue, they will surely put the entire existence of the world under a whole lot of risk. Here we have for you 10 of these superheroes:

1. Batman

The Dark Knight as we all know is a pretty intense and dark character, and he is forever treading the super thin line separating all heroes from supervillains. This is a line that the character has not crossed till now but, if he does, then he will surely be a very scary and fearsome villain. Bruce Wayne is known to have single-mindedly devoted his entire energies and faculty for accomplishing his mission, and he will surely leave no stone unturned.

2. Scarlet Witch

The only glimpse of this character’s powers was seen by all the fans in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Wanda had been under the villain’s influence. She did regain all her senses after she found out the real plans of Ultron, but if she had unleashed an attack on all the humans across the world, then no one would have been able to stop her. She would just make people kill each other.

3. Captain america

All the fans recently learned about Captain America being a HYDRA agent. This was a huge shock for all the Marvel fans when they found out that Cap always has been a HYDRA agent and also a Nazi. The decision of the writers and editors made all the fans extremely furious. All throughout this time, the hero was hand in gloves with all the supervillains, and no one knew. He is now a villain, and his super strength and ability make him a very dangerous one.

4. Iron man

Iron-Man is a very sarcastic character, and he is rich, he is a philanthropist and a playboy. Tony Stark had built his very own armor for fighting all the villains and also for hitting on women. In the comic books, this did not happen very easily, but, when one terrorist named, Wong Chu had activated a trap and then exploded a bomb that made a shrapnel almost to pierce into Tony’s chest, Stark was driven to create the suit that protects him. He has built scores of suits, and if he and they turn evil, then there will be a whole lot of damage to the world.

5. Wolverine

Logan is a known as a superhero, but, the character is also famous for his rage and anger, and this has frightened many of his fellow X-Men colleagues. Wolverine does not have a problem with killing at all, and if this character does become a villain, then he will surely unleash a huge bloodbath.

6. Sentry

This character has the power of a million Suns and in a miniseries, in the year, 2010, Osborn had come back for taking control of the government and killed almost everyone who wanted to stop him. Sentry was an ally who had been manipulated into attacking Asgard. The Olympian God of War Ares then challenged him ad their duel had ended with Sentry tearing Ares’ body and then throwing his organs everywhere.

7. The Flash

The Flashpoint is proof that The Flash can change almost anything he wants. This story was about a very worried Barry Allen, who missed his mother and he then went back in time to save her. This messed up the entire timeline and caused many changes. Bruce Wayne had died, and his father, Thomas Wayne took up the mantle of Batman. There was a war between the Amazons and Atlanteans. So, now you know what it would be like if Flash was a villain and goes back in time.

8. The Hulk

Hulk is a huge monster, and the character is very prone to go berserk most of the time. All the fans have seen his destruction when he is angry and enraged. If he does go on a full throttle against the people on Earth, then no one can survive.

9. Superman

Superman, as we all know, is the symbol of justice and truth. The Injustice comics was about Superman turning to the dark side. He had caused a lot of on Earth, and he is very much capable of even taking charge of the whole planet and doing whatever he wants.

10. Doctor Strange

After he was a victim of an accident, Dr. Steven Strange lost all the capabilities of using his hands. Then, he had gone to Nepal and had been trained by a few Monks. This is when he had gained his mystical powers. This character is a very powerful sorcerer, and if he does turn evil, he can use magic to destroy the world.