10 Things Revealed About ‘Switch’ From the Nintendo Live Stream Event


It is very common for console makers today to charge a fee to gamers for online play and Nintendo is no exception. Nintendo will charge some amount for a premium online service. The service will include features such as voice chat and online lobbies.
There is no news yet on how Nintendo will go about carrying this out. One thing is for sure though that for an initial few months (till autumn they say) the services will be free of charge after post that you will be charged to avail the services. In an attempt to lure gamers to subscribe, there is one perk waiting for them – subscribers will get a free NES or SNES game download each month. And oh, the SNES games have been updated with online play.


The department in which gamers have been demanding a massive improvement from Nintendo is the battery life. It was pretty underwhelming on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U GamePad. Sadly, it looks like not much attention has been paid to these complaints. This trend is set to continue. Regarding real-time performances, Nintendo’s estimation is that depending on the activity and settings, the built-in battery can be expected to last from 2.5 to 6 hours. Big games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may be supposed to run for about 3 hours on a full charge. This will create the need for an external battery pack. Nintendo has made things easier in this regards by not using their own specific connectors. The Switch is chargeable by USB-C port. Newer consoles are also supposed to be upgrades in areas where they underwhelmed before.



The Joy-Cons are delightful. The controllers are tiny, but they pack a punch and are full of functionality. Each has an accelerometer and gyroscope so it can sense motion like the Wii. Each also has a variety of buttons, so two players battle it out on the go.
One of the Joy-Con controllers also has an infrared camera. This will enable it to read hand gestures and sense distance. The right Joy-Con has an NFC sensor for Amiibo usage, and the left Joy-Con has a Capture button that will take screenshots at launch. Both controllers have “HD Rumble” capabilities which are said to provide incredibly sensitive force feedback. Later update will enable the Joy-Cons to record video as well.

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