10 Untold Facts About Wolverine.

3. His first appearance was as a foe for the Hulk

Backpedalling to his first appearance in the comics, Wolverine was really presented as a foe in The Incredible Hulk #180, in 1974. He had his first full appearance in issue #181. The creative group was searching for another character to fight it out with the Hulk. What’s more, Wolverine was the most recent challenger at the time. In addition to being presented in an X-Men story, he was basically Canadian super-grub.


4. Was meant to be a one-off and was never expected to be a member from the X-Men

Wolverine was never supposed to be a part of the X-Men. As it is, the X-Men already had a well-formed group. However, when the character became popular from his Incredible Hulk appearance, Marvel chose to bring him back for some new appearances. They eventually had him fleshed out and joining the X-Men. He was a major aspect of a bigger re-launch of that comic series that incorporated a few new characters. Thereafter, Wolverine showed up on 1975’s Giant-Size X-Men #1.