13 Actors Would Have Played Doctor Who, if It Was Made In America.

8. Jeff Goldblum

In 1996, the show was revived for British audiences by U.K’s BBC.  Audience were worried that the important Americanness could be lost. However, to ease their fears Jeff Golblum, an American actor was cast. This Doctor was fixated and was perfect for 90s audiences. US lovers’ fears of Britishification proved to be somewhat authentic when the Doctor didn’t kiss his a companion controversially! Sadly, the show was not picked up and Goldblum’s Doctor lived in podcasts only which, nobody was in a position to down load since it was it was in the mid-90s


9. Nicolas Cage

In 2005 the show was reborn. It was under the wings of of head-creator Joss Whedon. To make the show have an impact on the minds of the audience, they cast Nicolas Cage in the lead. News is; Cage beseeched Whedon to be cast since he was a huge fan of the series. In fact, he even had the whole interior of the TARDIS tattooed inside his left arm. Furthermore, he named his first daughter Romanadvoratrelundar.  Both the show and Cage were a smashing success. It regenerated the show for a new generation. Nevertheless, Cage didn’t return for a second series.

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