4 Reasons – Trekkies Started To Love Battlestar Galactica More Than Star Trek!

3. The Sci-Fi is Fresh And Not Repetitive

With so many years of the Star Trek legacy, their adventures have also become repetitive, and for some reason, the main characters of the show keep coming back – from wars, complex situations, and even death. This makes the audience feel cheated. You always know that whatever may be the crisis this time around (mostly destruction of the ship, vanishing of shuttlecrafts, attack by an alien ship, crew members kidnapped, etc.), the ‘reboot’ will happen in the next movie/show. So, the detachment starts happening, and one starts feeling that the entire premise is repetitive. Battlestar Galactica never gets caught up in such a situation throughout its run and appears entirely fresh and challenging at all times. Maybe that’s because Battlestar Galactica doesn’t focus on milking the franchise to the death, which is currently being done with the new Star Trek movies!


4. ‘Technology Spells More Doom Than Hope.’

Star Trek exists on the premise that human beings have become so technologically advanced, that they are now equipped to handle a crisis of any sort. BattlestarGalactica, on the other hand, gives a totally different message. It indicates that if one messes with nature too much under the garb of technology, you are sure to get doomed one day and became a race of thousands from being a race of millions.BG questions the reason for the existence of the humans, and whether the people are worth saving! It pokes the morality in you all the time and challenges you to answer these questions in your mind. If we mess with technology and nature too much, a retaliation will occur, we need to know this at the least if not being prepared for it!

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