5 Original Artworks Shows Kaley Cuoco In Several Superheroine Avatars – She May Take In Future!

3. Power Girl

We all know that Power-girl is going to show up very soon on the CW’s hugely popular show Supergirl. If you know Power-Girl’s persona, you will understand, why we are pitching Kaley for her character in a live-action show or movie? Power-Girl has always switched sides between good and evil and leaves a lot of room for humor that’s a forte for Kaley. On top of it, Power-Girl’s character demands a certain physique that Kaley can very well attain if you know what I mean?


2. Emma Frost

Emma’s character has that sharp, playful yet sensitive and dark side that Kaley’s personality can very well portray on the big screen. As the X-Men franchise is once again planning to hit the reboot button, they should consider Kaley for this role.

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