5 Probable Deaths In The Walking Dead: Season 7

3. Carol

She has seen quite a lot in The Walking Dead . She’s lost her girl, seen the deaths of some of her dearest companions and has been compelled to murder individuals in order to survive. When she landed in Alexandria you could see the survivor’s guilt beginning to weigh down on her heavily. She wouldn’t like to battle, yet she can’t leave the territory. She’s combating the inclination to secure the people she cares for. She merits peace. In the event that death is the only way she can get peace, we’re fine with it.


4. Dwight

Dwight turns into a crucial turncoat in the All Out War plot in the comics. However, he’s quite irritating on the show. Clearly, a major reason behind why we want him gone is because he’s so mean to Daryl. Dwight appears to be delighted watching Daryl in predicament, which doesn’t appear right. As it is, Daryl helped him escape Negan in the forest. Dwight could’ve had a different life had he run with Daryl to Alexandria. At present, Dwight is only a Bitter Becky wanting Daryl to stoop down to his level so we wouldn’t mind him dead.

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