7 Reasons To Be Hyped For Star Trek Discovery.

3. It’s The First Binge-Friendly Star Trek Series

CBS has picked to house Discovery on its online platform i.e. CBS All Access. The vast majority of the world (counting the UK) will get the chance to watch it on Netflix. This a new ground for a Star Trek series to set foot in, which could have marvelous outcomes.

Not at all like past Star Trek shows, Discovery has a lively, Netflix-accommodating length. Season 1 will be a 13-episode occasion, as opposed to a network mandated 22-part trudge. With regards to that, Fuller revealed to Collider that Discovery will have “one story over thirteen episodes” instead of a series of loosely connected portions with their own particular oddity of the week baddies and forced subplots.

This Star Trek series is meant to suit present day, binge-loving viewing propensities. What’s more, the move to the online domain has another huge positive, as well: there are no restrictions with respect to grown-up substance, ruthless savagery and floral language. It stays to be seen whether Discovery will use this. Nevertheless, it’s cool to know the show can go to some dark, adult spots if the story needs it.

2. It Has A Bad-Ass Female Lead…

Sonequa Martin-Green, the Walking Dead’s Sasha, will lead the pack in Discovery. She plays what Fuller depicts as a “lieutenant leader with caveats.” This implies she is ranked lower than the captain and first officer on board the U.S.S. Discovery.

Fuller states;

“We’ve seen six series from the captain’s point of view, (explaining his decision not to make the captain the main character). Martin-Green’s lieutenant commander will give fans a new perspective on the starship — [with a protagonist] who has different dynamic relationships with a captain, with subordinates, it [gives] us richer context.”

A heroine who isn’t exactly at the highest point of her field sounds sensible. Martin-Green’s character has something to hope for, and she has individuals that can get in her path, address her choices and drive her insane. That is some character dramatization waiting to take place.

What’s more, casting somebody of Martin-Green’s zombie-executing ability proposes a ton of action might be in store for her. Provided that this is true, this could be a bad-ass female lead with a chip on their shoulder; a fan favorite taking shape, who’s absolutely extraordinary as compared to the Star Trek heroes of yesterday.


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