8 Fun Facts About The Slave Leia Costume In “Star Wars”

3. Lucas Gave Fisher A Sensual Statuette

We’re talking about her bikini of course. When Justin Lee Collins had an interview with Fisher for Bring Back Star Wars in 2008, she had shown him the statuette that Lucas had given her for her birthday as a joke. Also, the figure was significantly more detailed than you may expect, particularly underneath the silk skirt. Fisher felt he’d gone too far. Lucas and Fisher are known to jab each other at the drop of a hat. However, they’re quick to praise each other as well.


4. Boba Fett Could See All

In spite of the fact that there were a few variants of the bikini, and rubber ones to make it easier for Fisher to do stunts, the exemplary metal form wasn’t easy to move into. This made for an extremely engaging show for the cast and crew, as Fisher revealed.
“If I lay like this” — she arches her back flat — “and it doesn’t adhere, it is like plastic, so that is a problem here” — she points to you-know-where — “because if I lay down, it doesn’t go with me. I didn’t inform him, but I always thought that if Boba Fett were of a mind, he could see all the way to Florida.”
Furthermore, Boba Fett wasn’t the only one. As indicated by the official Star Wars site, the main moldmaker was sacked from the job just before Fisher came in for the fitting. This was because he was excessively eager about this prospect, fixating on how he would get the chance to measure Fisher for the swimsuit and discussing it every time. Yowser!

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