9 Ways How Star Wars Episode 9 Will End

5. The Force as we probably aware of, is no longer the light and the dark

The Force, as we probably are aware of, is no longer the light and the dark. The Bendu in Legends expresses that there is light, there is dark, and there is the middle. Prior, there was no center. Additionally fascinating is the fact that the Bendu didn’t see Sith artifacts as either good or bad but instead fixed it to the purpose of the wielder. This is huge. Since the Whills’ prediction is neither written from a Jedi or Sith point of view, it considers the Grey. It includes light, dark and everything in the middle.

We’ve known about the Grey from Jolee Bindo in the Expanded Universe. The Grey was never thought to be canon, yet it’s no coincidence that Star Wars has gone berserk recently, and Disney wouldn’t include so many nods without a reason. This means that they’re effectively tying into George Lucas’ original thoughts. However, they’re advancing the narrative that there is a middle ground and we’re moving towards it quickly.

The teachings of the Guardians of the Whills don’t underline the dissension between the light side and dark side of the Force. In fcat, they trust that a balance enables mortal personalities to incorporate its totality.

6. The lessons of the Whills

We see confirmation of the Whills’ presence in Rogue One thanks to Chirrut Îmwe, who’s alluded to as “guardian of the Whills.” Now, this is where things get truly extraordinary. Îmwe was guarding a temple on Jedha that audiences may have expected belonged to the Jedi.

The Rogue One visual guide lets us know “legends surround Jedha—some speculate that it is the origin of the Jedi Order itself.”

It seems as though the planet gave the Jedi Order its name, yet the scholars say it’s the opposite. Everybody concurs that the historical backdrop of Jedha and the Jedi are interlaced. What’s more, Chirrut Îmwe appears to follow the Jedi path in Rogue One…

However, the visual guide tells another story. While Îmwe was the guardian of the Whills and a Jedi supporter, the visual guide lets us know the following;

“Though Chirrut deeply believes in the reality of the Force and respects the former Jedi Order…he knows no one could every hold a monopoly on understanding the cosmic energy field.”

We know that Jedha City was destroyed and the majority of the information on educating of the Whills wiped out, what is it that we know? If Jedha was genuinely the birthplace of the Jedi, and the Jedi we know twisted the Whills’ teachings towards the light until they were greatly dogmatic in their perspectives of the Force and its utilization, we can say that the first Force wielders were Grey.

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