A Reboot For ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Is Being Developed By Joss Whedon


We now know that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake is now in development. Even though no network has been attached to this, it has been confirmed that Joss Whedon would be executive producing this show.

The studio, 20th Century Fox Television has now hired Agents of SHIELD alum, Monica Owusu-Breen for writing the script to reboot Whedon’s classic. This show will be featuring an actress of color and she will be playing the role of Buffy. This character was previously played by the actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

According to a few new reports, the talks for an all-new Buffy show had started last fall and Breen had been hired. This series will be “contemporary” and “build on the mythology of the original.”

The Chairman of FOX, Gary Newman had spoken to a few reporters regarding the Buffy remake.

“Reboots aren’t actually a focus for us,” Newman had said.

“Most of the time it starts with a creator coming in. Admittedly, we chased The X-Files for a while. But when we first brought it back, it was Chris and David and Gillian. The 24 franchise… we’ll always want it.”

“In this world with nearly 500 scripted series, getting a leg up on marketing is an opportunity,” Newman said, but noted that “If you do it cynically if you don’t have a great creative reason to do it, I don’t think it’s going to work.”

When it comes to Whedon, it seems like he is warmed up to a reboot:

“I see a little bit of what I call monkey’s paw in these reboots. You bring something back, and even if it’s exactly as good as it was, the experience can’t be,” Whedon originally said. “You’ve already experienced it, and part of what was great was going through it for the first time.”

“You have to meet expectations and adjust it for the climate, which is not easily. Luckily most of my actors still look wonderful, but I’m not worried about them being creaky. I’m more worried about me being creaky as a storyteller. You don’t want that feeling that you should have left before the encore.”