Alien Landing On Earth: ALF To Get A Reboot, Get Rid Of All Electric Mixers


When we walk down memory lane and back at the Golden age of the 80s, one beloved TV show that we find ourselves reminiscing about is ALF. This show had been released in the year, 1986, and the show had focussed on an extraterrestrial named ALF. This was an acronym for “Alien Life Form.” The unique yet weird creature started living in a suburban home with an entire family.

Although most of us had watched the series, we really do not know how to explain how the show became a success. But puppets seemed to have won the hearts of most audiences.


This show had run for 4 seasons, and during the run, the fans had learned that the creature, ALF was not really like all other puppets they had seen on TV.

ALF had not emerged o the scene to make the audiences feel good about themselves and finally learn some good life lessons. ALF was out there, and he was eating our cats, burping in all of our faces, and also making a lot of sarcastic jokes.

This show had really tried their best to push all limits on what they would have been allowed by the network, but eventually the creator, Paul had Fusco revealed that “the greatest things were the jokes we couldn’t put in the show.”

The show had soon become super popular with all the kids, and they could not allow ALF to become a bad role model. The character could not drink a lot of beer and make rude jokes.

This was so very influential that even after having seen the episode where ALF had brought an electric mixer to a bathtub, a child had done the same in the real world.

The child was okay, but this show had to replace this episode for its syndication run. The creators had to start filming a lot of new scenes and also dub over many of the lines that mentioned the mixer and had replaced it with a ‘manual egg beater.’

But although this show had caused a whole lot of controversy, it is getting a reboot treatment.

Variety has now confirmed that Warner Bros. TV is in its early stages of the ALF reboot.

They have not revealed a lot of official details of now.

Rumor has it that this reboot will see what ALF has been up to since he had been captured in the finale.

This project was in the works since May.