All-New Trailer For’Avengers Endgame’ Shows Us Why The MCU Works So Well


The new trailer for the movie, Avengers: Endgame actually says a whole lot more about the MCU than it may seem. It shows us how the MCU and its characters actually work as a shared universe.

A part of what made the Marvel Comics gain popularity in the Silver Age had been that it embraced the concept of a shared universe. Spider-Man was shown trying out for the Fantastic Four, and the Hulk had battled The Thing. This had created a kind of character-rich stories.


This is how the MCU has turned out after 10 years of movie making. This “ride” is why the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame is so effective and exciting.

Before Iron Man in the year, 2008, the concept of a shared universe had not been a factor in comic book films. Yes, there may be a little nod to some character in another film, but everything had operated independently.

The very moment that Samuel L. Jackson had made an appearance to talk about the Avengers Initiative for the first time, there had been a huge change in comic book films. More than a second Iron Man films, the fans had come out of the theatre excited about what other characters may make an appearance, and for 10 years, they were not disappointed.

Iron Man had led to the next franchise which then led to the next, and all the characters had teamed up in Marvel’s The Avengers.

The films stand on their own, but it rewards close analysis, repeat viewing, and also audience awareness of the other movies.

The MCU is a huge part of why the Avengers: Endgame trailer works the way it does.

This trailer shows is the world through the eyes of the shocked Avengers, who have lost everyone and almost everything they knew and loved.

The trailer actually says very little about what the movie and how it will play out and yet it works so well.

It works because of the 10-year relationships that the fans have had with these characters. The pain that Steve Rogers is in resonates with all the fans mainly because the fans really care about him. The very first trailer, where Iron Man had shared his last words with Pepper Potts, also had a very similar impact.

Patrick H. Willems had recently spoken about this phenomenon in a video which, is about the limitations of the MCU. This video had spoken about the soap operatic elements of storytelling. This is visible in the end moments of Avengers: Infinity War.

The Infinity War deaths actually work, to varying degrees. There is a huge chunk of the moviegoing audience who are not “keyed in” to geek culture, and they do not know what Marvel films are. For them, seeing is believing. If one went to see the film in theatres, you have heard some of the people shouting behind you during the Decimation or talking amongst themselves afterwards about how it had been a “rip-off” that they killed Black Panther after just one film.

For all the hardcore audience who have followed the MCU from the beginning, the impact was a little different. This segment of the audience knows which characters have a sequel coming up. They know that the deaths are just temporary.

The Russo brothers had also managed to work around this liability and played to the emotional connection of all the fans.

Bucky and Steve share a lot of meaningful scenes in Infinity War, but placing these two in close proximity to one another when Bucky had been “dusted” had given the fans a heartbreaking moment.

The very same was true with Peter Parker. Spider-Man is the very first MCU film releasing after Avengers: Endgame and every hard-core fan knows that.

However, after having built a strong father-son relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker, the sight of Spider-Man dying in Iron Man’s hands was very emotional.

Avengers: Endgame will release April 26th.