8 Amazing Decisions That Led To The MCU’s Huge Success


The MCU has become a very famous and popular thing in Hollywood, and there is no other film franchise that has come as close to the fan base like the MCU. All the fans simply cherish and love all the films and characters in this franchise. The hype for all their films is super high, and the wait makes it even more unbearable. The MCU has reached this level of success because of the many good decisions they had taken. In light of this, here are 8 of the best decisions that led to the success of the MCU:

1. RDJ as Iron Man


Iron Man had been the very first film in this shared universe, and it is till date the best origin story. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony had built a huge fandom and this is the main reason why the MCU is so successful.

2. Linking the films with Nick Fury

From Phase 1 and Phase 2, Nick Fury had been the person who eventually brought this all together, and he has been a very crucial character for the connected stories. He united the Avengers and is the very reason why a linked universe like this has become be so successful. Samuel L Jackson nailed the role, and we cannot think of anyone else other than him playing this role.

3. Recasting Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk

The actor, Edward Norton had first brought the character to life in the MCU in the movie, The Incredible and not many fans like his portrayal. After many disputes between the actor and Marvel, this role had been recast ad we got Mark Ruffalo. We simply loved seeing him as the Hulk.

4. Regularly making movies since 2008

Ever since the very first Iron Man movie had released, Marvel has been producing films every year for expanding the shared universe. We are now going to get 3 MCU films every year, and we cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for us.

5. Making Loki the first villain

The Avengers movie had been was the first team-up film, and they needed a big villain and Loki as the main villain was a great choice. Tom Hiddleston had impressed all the fans with his version of the character in the very first Thor film, and this ensured that he would be the big baddie in The Avengers.

6. Making stand-alone movies with Superhero team-ups.

This is the best way to introduce new superheroes and then make great storylines, introducing new characters and then finally an ensemble movie. We had seen Iron Man 2 (War machine- Black Widow), Captain America 2 ( Falcon- Widow) and Captain America 3 (almost all of the Avengers). Now

7. James Gunn and The Guardians

The Guardians of the Galaxy had come as a huge surprise for all the fans, and this is one of the best things about the MCU. All the fans just loved this team, and James Gunn has really created magic in both the movies.

8. Cap Leading The Avengers

While Captain as a character is a normal choice for leading the Avengers, having him do so this in the MCU was a great choice. They could have chosen RDJ and still earned money, but the MCU had a lot of faith that Chris Evans’ appeal would develop with this franchise.