Here Is The Reason Why The Hulk Wears A Suit In Avengers 4


In Thor: Ragnarok, it was discovered that the Hulk had remained out for two complete years and Banner could not take over, so he got used to being the person in charge, but, after he took on Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, we saw how he was unwilling to come out. In fact, the Hulk twice screamed NO when Bruce Banner tried to force him. However, it is clear that Hulk now has feelings other than anger. He has a feeling which was previously not associated with him, and it is ‘fear!’

It could be argued that Hulk was just tired of protecting Bruce Banner and he doesn’t want to fight for him, but, that’s not true. The Hulk got squarely beaten by Thanos for the first time, and that scared him. As stated by Mark Ruffalo, the last 3 Phase 3 films will be a three-story arc for the Hulk. Two of these were Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War and the last one will be Avengers 4.

A new image of Avengers 4 was leaked online, and it showed Hulk wearing a suit like normal humans, and it surprised everyone. This indicates that Bruce Banner and Hulk might have come to an agreement. It also makes us believe that this will be the Professor Hulk who has the brain of Bruce Banner and the muscle power of Hulk. However, this time Banner is in charge.

Assuming Banner manages to sort things out with Hulk and the Hulk lets Banner take control, Professor Hulk might happen. That’s where this suit of Hulk would also be useful. It would suggest that Hulk is an Avenger and the suit might be equipped with some tech which could transform him whenever Bruce needed.

There are plenty of genius inventors around in Avengers 4 such as Shuri, Banner, Stark, and Rocket, and any of them can build such a suit.

In case, Professor Hulk happens then Hulk would be the strongest hero ever. This is his ultimate strength, and that might be what this third story arc would explore. Letting him rise to the top after the defeat and create a worthy farewell or retirement scenario for him.

A Professor Hulk narrative would have great story-telling benefits for Marvel and also give a new style of writing to the writers. The truth about the incredible Hulk having a proper voice for the first time ever is unique.

Just imagine this in Marvel Style, Hulk taunting Tony Stark during the battle, ridiculing the battle-weary hero for his weakness, and there might be jokes where the Hulk would call the other Avengers as toys or puny Avengers, etc.

We believe that the Hulk always had some intelligence, but, now the thoughts of the monster will be relayed to the viewers by Bruce Banner’s voice. He won’t be a crazy monster anymore, rather, he would become a warrior, a real knight in shining armor who will fight for Earth and the life in the whole universe, ensuring that Thanos would never rule. The future of the universe rests on the next fight between Avengers and Thanos.

It is often said that those who change the universal fate happen to be those who wish to do that. It is clear that Avengers 4 will be the end of phase 3 and it will create the path for the future MCU films. We are not sure whether Hulk will be one of the few Avengers who will go on beyond Phase 3 to guide and mentor the next generation of Avengers.

All the questions related to Avengers 4 will be answered when the film will hit the big screen on May 3, 2019.