Avengers Infinity War: How The Avengers Were Responsible For Their Defeat


Throughout the journey of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have seen a lot of films release. Some Marvel movies turned out to be fantastic masterpieces depicting great stories and action, but, there have also been some which were literally ridiculous and full of plot holes and errors which made even the most passionate Marvel fans dislike them. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has now become probably the biggest franchise in Hollywood, but, there are always going to be some badly crafted pieces. The Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest MCU film until now, and it featured more than 40 characters from across the board who joined hands to battle Thanos. However, the strategy of the Avengers was full of mistakes. Here we present to you a list of some of the most glaring mistakes made by the Avengers in Infinity War.

Doctor Strange Didn’t teleport


It is not as if Doctor Strange didn’t try his best or anything. However, we are highlighting how he had great opportunities during the battle to turn things in his favor at any given time. The whole concept of the division of The Avengers started when Ebony Maw came to get the Time Stone from around Doctor Strange’s neck. A lot of the chaos would have been avoided if Doctor Steven Strange had been a little more focused.

Loki Attacked Thanos

This was miserable storytelling. Avengers literally handed over two of the Infinity Stones on a platter to Thanos. Right in front of Thor’s eyes, Loki gave the tesseract and the Space Stone to the Mad Titan. However, he tried attacking Thanos. Apart from the fact that he was attacking the mightiest tyrant in the entire universe who had just become even stronger after getting hold of two ancient objects, what shocks us is Loki’s audacity as he is never known to attack people head on. Also, why didn’t he try any of the famous Loki tricks. Wasn’t he supposed to be the God of Mischief?

No rhinos

During the climactic battle of Black Panther, we saw a reference to the Black Panther comics. Yes, we are talking about the rhinos in the battlefield scene between T’Challa and a vibranium armored bunch of rhinos. While the rhinos caused massive damage to the armies and lesser warriors in Black Panther, they were missing from action in Avengers: Infinity War. While we are not great at war strategy, but, a few of those charging rhinos would have been helpful in that battle against the alien swarms.

Thor should have aimed for Thanos’ hand

Towards the end of Avengers: Infinity war, we saw Thor attack Thanos with all his newly discovered God of Thunder powers. He is capable of invoking the Bifrost and wielded the Stormbreaker. The ax was capable of channeling Thor’s powers and also probably some of the cosmic force (just like the  Thorforce seen in Marvel’s King Thor comic series). Thor was mighty enough to dare the Infinity Gauntlet wielding Mad Titan, but, the problem was that instead of aiming for Thanos’ head or hand, he stabbed Thanos in the chest. In fact, the hand would have been his best option as that would have deprived Thanos of the Infinity Gauntlet, and his cosmic powers. This would have helped in defeating the maniacal galactic tyrant.

Giving preference to Vision’s life over the whole universe

We agree to Captain’s rules. We don’t leave a man behind, and we don’t trade lives. Definitely not a life for a life. However, this was not a life for a life case. While Vision is alive, just like everyone else, the truth is that he is an android and he is just one of the countless creations in this universe. His life becomes insignificant when compared with the half of the life in the whole universe that got killed at the end of the film. It was obvious that Thanos would carry out his snap. It was a massive moment for the comics, and it had to be played on the big screen. However, there is no way that one should ever, we repeat, ever, let billions die to save one. You can handle one sacrifice, but, the wipeout of half of the life from the universe is not something you can even contemplate, it is just not bearable.

Taking the battle to the home of the Mad Titan

Yes, we won’t deny this. It was absolutely dumb on the part of the MCU to divide the superheroes when it was clear that Thanos was going to attack Earth. There is a logic behind the age-old concept of home ground advantage, right? It is preferred because it is better. In Avengers: Infinity War, the whole plan hinged upon the heroes battling Thanos. Since Thanos possessed the Infinity Stones and to fight him, it was advisable that the heroes stayed united instead of splitting into teams. That was absolutely a foolish idea to divide your power when you are going to fight someone like Thanos.

Star-Lord messing things up

Everyone knows how he was a lonely crybaby (enough of that tormented childhood stories in GOTG Vol. 2). It is also understandable that he just found out about the death of his lady love, who was killed by her foster father. The anger, the resentment, is all understandable. However, how can that rage be the excuse for you to totally overlook the plan of action which you and your team had conjured up to save the doomed universe. Come on, we are talking about the whole universe here, and no matter how much grief you feel, you need to act. Just think about it, five superheroes are struggling to keep Thanos under control, and just when things seemed to be going their way, you deliberately acted in a way that destroyed the whole fragile balance that his team-mates had managed after a tough fight. That was not all, by ruining their plan, you also paved the path for your own murder. Terrible, really terrible.

Doctor Strange’s feebleness

Let’s highlight this so that every Marvel Cinematic Universe lover can see it. Doctor Strange is tasked with protecting our realm and the plane of existence. He is regarded as the Sorcerer Supreme and is entrusted with the Time Stone. His powers are unlimited and as we saw in Thor: Ragnarok, he can summon Gods if he wishes so. He is capable of drawing astonishing power from numerous sources, and he is a genius who can create strategies which are invincible. In the comic books, he had often saved the day when things turned from bad to worse. However, in Infinity War, he was literally ineffective. He couldn’t fight, and all he did was to offer some support to other heroes and acted as a bait to distract Thanos. However, we expected him to do a lot more, and he was capable of doing a lot more.

Loki and Thor Did not use the space stone

At the start of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos’ ship arrived next to the refugee vessel which had left Asgard at the end of Ragnarok. It was obvious that carnage was going to take place and we are aware of the fact that Loki had snatched the Tesseract from Asgardian vault before the destruction. However, Loki was aware of the fact that they also had Space Stone, but, Thor didn’t. Since Loki had been in touch with Thanos previously, he would have identified his ship the moment he saw it. We wonder why the God of Mischief not use the Space Stone right then to escape from Thanos’ clutches. Instead of that they foolishly try to attack Mad Titan and after the defeat hand over the stones to Thanos. Absolutely dumb and unimaginative!

Letting Thanos get this far in the first place

Avengers: Infinity War started abruptly. We know that the movie’s directors had to deal with a lot of story and events before the movie ended. However, can anyone frankly expect us to believe that the superheroes who have been existing solely to protect the universe, decided to ignore the biggest danger? How is it that Gamora never even contemplated telling Guardians about her father’s quest. It is quite too much to believe since he had already got hold of two Infinity Stones by the time the film started. The fight was doomed, not because Thanos had an advantage, but, because the heroes were too casual and dumb to comprehend or acknowledge the threat.