Avengers: Infinity War: Here Is A Thanos Subreddit That Banned Half Of Its Users As A Tribute


While a section of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans supported Thanos’ decision to kill half of the universe’s life, despite it having been done in a deceitful way. A subreddit quickly cropped up, named Thanos Did Nothing Wrong, and now they are all set to replicate the movie’s ending by killing (banning) half of the subreddit’s subscribers.

Life will be copying art as best as possible when we will see Thanos Did Nothing Wrongsubreddit eliminate half of its users. The subreddit is moderated by The-Jedi-Apprentice, and he recently shared that the aim initially was to delete half of the users on July 3rd, but, that idea was later scrapped. Now the event is scheduled for July 9, which affords us enough time to go and subscribe to the subreddit and find out whether you survive the “snap” by the moderators. The-Jedi-Apprentice narrated the process in detail.

“(A Reddit-Admin) told me that doing a massive ban the day before July 4 was a terrible idea because many of Reddit’s engineers would be out with their families. Also, the engineers would not be prepared for a mass ban so close to it. However, I presented a solution to these two problems, and now I have their permission to ban half the sub! The random 50% ban will take place on July 9th. The admins are designing a bot for me that will allow me to do the job in a quick and easy manner.”

For the unfortunate subscribers of Thanos Did Nothing Wrong who end up getting banned, there is no cause of worry. There are other subreddits called Soul World and Soul Stone based on the premise that those who get wiped out in infinity War have been confined in the Soul Stone. Therefore, if you come to know that you got banned after the Thanos’ snap, you can join either of these subreddits with the other unfortunate souls.

Thanos’ popularity has been incredible in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War. There has been a website which tells the MCU fans find out whether they perished in the finger snap or lived on. In fact, there is a mind-blowing cosplayer who picked up Grimace from McDonald’s and merged him with Thanos, eventually creating what might be one of the best costumes ever created. Thanos’ mania is not going to slow down since Avengers 4 will come up in less than a year, so it might even get bigger.

As observed above, there is a lot of time to sign up for the Thanos Did Nothing Wrongsubreddit, which at present has about 300,000 subscribers. There is a possibility that the numbers will increase in the days ahead. Once everything is done and dusted, Avengers 4 will revive you. So you can visit r/Thanos Did Nothing Wrong to find out your fate.