Box Office Predictions For All 2019 Superhero Films


2019 will be one of the biggest years for Hollywood with all the movies that are set to release. 2018 has surely created a huge Box Office record, but the year, 2019 will surpass this as well. While there have been many films and TV series coming out, next year will be a huge year for all Superhero films. Here are a few predictions of the total worldwide Box Office earnings for the superhero movies that will release in the year, 2019.

1. Glass ($280-300 Million)

Split had been produced with budget of $9 Million, and it had gone on to make $280 Million. The franchise will end with Glass which will release on January 18, and this might go make $300 Million.


2. Captain Marvel ($830-850 Million)

If everything goes well, then this film may cross the Billion Dollars mark. The movie may make around 850 Million. It will release on March 8.

3. Shazam! ($500-520 Million)

It looks like a really fun and light-hearted film, and this may cross $500 Million at the worldwide box office. The movie will release on April 5.

4. Hellboy ($150-175 Million)

Lionsgate studios will be lucky if this movie earns $150 Million. The earnings for this movie can be bogged down by the competition from other movies.

5. Avengers 4 ($2.1 Billion+)

This movie will surely probably break all the MCU Box Office records, and it might even beat the movie, Titanic ($2.187 Billion) and become the second highest grossing movie ever. The movie will release on May 3, 2019.

6. X-Men: Dark Phoenix ($430-450 Million)

With all of the problems that this movie has been suffering backstage, the film may might prove all predictions wrong and earn $300 Million.

7. Spider-Man: Far From Home ($900-950 Million)

The Box Office is pretty unpredictable, but for Spider-Man, it is pretty huge. China will have a massive role to play in this sequel movie, and the movie will cross $900 Million.

8. New Mutants ($200 Million)

The very first trailer of this movie had seemed very promising, but we do not know what to really expect with the reshoots. The movie may earn $200 Million.

9. Joker ($620-640 Million)

This movie has the potential to earn $620 Million and even beat movies like Logan and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

10. Terminator 6 ($550 Million)

If the movie does bring out a pretty good plot and story, then it will earn around $550 Million. The movie will release on November 1.