Here’s Why Tony Stark Had To Find Out That Bucky Killed His Parents In Civil War


A few of the fans think that Captain America: Civil War is w weaker movie when it comes to the plot as compared to the comic book sources. But a few think that this was a ground-breaking movie in the MCU. The premise of the movie’s ending had been a little OTT because, well, what if Tony has not shown up in Siberia during the same time as Bucky and  Captain America?

The movie would have turned out to be very different. The main aim for the movie, Civil War had been to split the team of Avengers, and that is exactly what it did. It was very crucial that Tony Stark finds out about Bucky killing his parents by the end of the movie because this is what had actually set up the plot of the movie and also, Infinity War. From the beginning of the movie, the event of Tony Stark’s past had been set up as the basis of this movie.


This is why many people had felt that the film’s plot was weak. But if one does think about it, then, the ultimate aim had been achieved because Marvel had wanted the Avengers to be divided in movie, Infinity War and this is how the story would actually go ahead.

The “united we stand and divided we fall” had to be explained all throughout the movie, Infinity War and also, Avengers 4.

This had been initiated with Tony being shown the video of his parents getting killed. This would not have been the case if Stark would have found out that Bucky was the one who had killed his parents earlier on in this movie. The Reddit user, cuddlebirb had pointed out the very same thing:

“Since this was brought up in another post, and it always spirals back to the same argument between those who sympathize with Tony’s emotional attempt to kill Bucky and those who think he’s somehow evil for trying to kill an innocent brainwashed person, here’s a quote from screenwriter Stephen McFeely about Tony’s actions in the third act of the film, and why they wrote the sequence of events the way they did.”

“ Stephen McFeely – But we knew we didn’t want to [reveal Bucky killed Tony’s parents] early. If you do that in the first act, and that’s why Tony Stark is running after Bucky Barnes, he’s got too long to think ‘Bucky Barnes has been brainwashed, he’s a victim in this in many ways, I’m a reasonable person,’ but if you structure the movie so that at the end of the movie Tony finds out very viscerally in a really well-directed, not gory, but emotionally intense scene, that Winter Soldier killed [Maria] and [Howard], he’s going to go nuts and he’s gonna snap and you’re going to earn that third act that we wanted. That meant the villain had to be sneaky and sort of in the background. So many decisions were based on wanting [that moment] there.”

From here, the Redditor then points out the importance of timing and the truth is revealed:

“The screenwriters knew Tony would’ve had time to rationalize that Bucky was a victim if he found out at any point prior to the bunker. It’s why they even structured the movie the entire way they did so that Tony wouldn’t find out until the last moment in the most horrific way possible–and that Tony literally suffers a form of temporary insanity during the sequence.”