This Is The Real Meaning Of The Mysterious Ending In Captain Marvel


In the new MCU movie, Captain Marvel, we see the superhero power up and take on the Kree Cavalry that had been called in by Yon Rogg.

Ronan had led this cavalry right up to C-53 aka Earth and then launches attack droids on Earth. Carol then destroys them and also takes out some of the ships as well.


Seeing what this superhero is capable of, Ronan then orders his fleet to fall back, and they then return to Hala and leave Yon Rogg behind. From the start, Rogg had been the mentor of Carol Danvers, and he had taught the superhero how to control her emotions and powers. When Carol comes back to fight him, he then tries to play a different move with her instead of fighting her strength for strength.

He tried to play this mind-bending move as he knew that could not beat her shwne it comes to strength. Manipulating Carol’s mind was surely a great idea in this situation, but Carol had evolved from all the lies. She then blasts him with a photon blast, and instead of killing him off, she sends him to Hala.

So this is a set up for the sequel, and it is possible that the next Captain Marvel film will take place before the events of the movie, Avengers: Endgame. Carol has lots to do for her time gap between Endgame, and the events of Captain Marvel and the next part of the ending is much more interesting as the Skrulls are revealed to be the victims.

The real villains were the Kree who had been imposing their dictatorship and throughout planets in the galaxy. The Skrulls had been the ones who stood up to them.

Carol had sided with the victims as Talos, and his family had been the last few of the Skrulls left. She then bid farewell to Earth as she makes one commitment to find the Skrulls a new home.

She gives Nick Fury an upgraded version of his Pager and warns him that it should only be used for a huge emergency. Carol leaves with the Skrulls, and the credits roll in. We will surely need a sequel to explain where Carol has been all this while.

One can argue that the battle of New York, the Ultron attack upon Earth and the Black Order ships that approached Wakanda were big emergencies, but a possible explanation to this is that all the times Nick Fury had been confident that his team would defeat the threat. With this snap, he knew Carol had to be called.