‘Captain Marvel’ Establishes Kevin Smith In The MCU


As we all know, Kevin Smith has been a huge fan and supporter of comic book and their adapted movies, and now he has earned his very own Easter egg in the movie, Captain Marvel. Hence, Kevin Smith now officially exists in the MCU.



If you are a huge big fan of Smith’s work, you would know that he has been a friend of the Marvel legend, Stan Lee and one of the drivers behind their relationship had been the director’s second movie, Mallrats, where Lee had made his debut cameo.

Now, in Captain Marvel, which just released, takes place in the year, 1995, and this was the same year that Mallrats had made its debut. Stan Lee made his cameo in all the MCU movies, and this new cameo is a call back to the Mallrats appearance. When we see Stan Lee in Captain Marvel, he is a rider on a train and is reading a Mallrats script.

The credits say that Stan Lee is playing himself, and this would mean that the guy in the film was not a setup but the actual Stan Lee who was on the way to see Mallrats which has been directed by Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith existing in the MCU might be a pretty silly idea, as the whole universe of movies happens in a reality which is different from ours.

Captain Marvel is now playing in theatres.