Official Trailer For Captain Marvel Solves Huge Plot Hole In Infinity War


The Captain Marvel official trailer has finally released, and the internet is now has going crazy. The character, Carol Danvers is not a person to be trifled with, and she is known for fighting alien jets in outer space, and also defeating huge alien armies.

In the movie, Avengers: Infinity war, after Thanos had collected the stones and snapped his fingers and in this moment, Nick Fury was seen sending a distress signal to Captain Marvel, and her logo makes an appearance in the pager just before the screen cuts off.


So, after this scene and the given the timeline of the Captain Marvel movie, all the fans were left asking many questions. So, how old is Captain Marvel in the current MCU timeline? The fans know that a young Nick Fury who is being played by the actor, Samuel L. Jackson and a young Philip Coulson (Clark Gregg) will be making appearances in Captain Marvel, but we do not know how old Carol is?

The Studio has now given all their fans a solution to this via the film’s official trailer. In this trailer, one of the Kree high officials is heard saying:

“We made you one of us. So you could live longer, stronger, superior.”

This is a very straightforward answer and explanation for this plot hole that had been left unaddressed since the movie; Infinity War had hit the theatres. There were many theories that claimed that Captain Marvel was maybe in an alternate timeline or even the Quantum Realm while travelling between timelines. Well, now we know that it is just her biology. Since the character, Carol Danvers is not only human, but she is a hybrid character who has human and also alien (Kree) DNA mixed, she possesses many super power abilities, and one of them includes long-life.