7 Powers And Abilities Of Captain Marvel That You May Not Know


The Head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has called Captain Marvel, aka, Carol Danvers, “The most powerful person in the MCU.”  This character has been depowered, empowered, and also re-powered more than any of the superheroes in the Marvel Universe. In the comics, Captain Marvel had gained her abilities from aliens, and then the members of the X-Men had stolen them. She can command the powers of the cosmos and has insane number of powers and abilities. In light of this, here are 25 superpowers of Captain Marvel that you may not know:

1. Travel At Light Speed


Captain Marvel is light speed fast, and she can easily keep up with fighter jets, and her speed comes from the incident that had given her powers. The explosion of an alien technology had bonded alien DNA with hers, and this granted her the species’ abilities. In her Binary form, she can able to fly at the speed of light.

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2. Can Be In Space Without A Suit

Captain Marvel has spent a lot of time in space. Carol can survive unprotected in space and in her Binary upgrade, she does not even require oxygen to be in space.

3. Can Absorb Energy And Get Stronger

Captain Marvel can easily manipulate energy, and this is the key to her powers. She has also absorbed electricity and the force of a nuclear explosion. With a lot of absorbed energy, she can also trigger her transformation into the Binary form.

4. The Binary Form Allows Her Control Stars

The Binary form gives Carol a connection to a “white hole”, this is the opposite of a black hole, and with her energy manipulation powers, it allows her access to a huge amount of stellar power.

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5. Photon Blasts

Captain Marvel’s superpower is her photon blasts, and she can take in energy all the time. She can control how powerful these blasts are as they can be weak to just knock someone back or even super powerful to burst open spaceships.

6. She Can Control Gravity

Captain Marvel can easily control her own gravity, and in her Binary form, she can also harness the power of the white hole and control the gravity around her.

7. She Can Teleport

She can fly at light speed so she should be able to teleport. We have not seen her use it as of now, but hopefully, the movie will show us these abilities.