Captain Marvel: The Secret Invasion Is Coming To The Marvel Cinematic Universe


They are a deadly and warrior race of shapeshifters, and in the Marvel Comics, the Skrulls have repeatedly targeted the Earth. The exclusive first look of the Avengers: Infinity War revealed that the hero will set off for Earth after she comes to know that the Skrulls are on her home planet. The synopsis mentions that the Skrull leader Talos “spearheads a Skrull invasion of Earth.”

This particular line has not gone unnoticed, and the moviegoers who are familiar with the world of comics are intrigued. It is indicative of one of the most prominent stories based on the Skrulls, the Secret Invasion from 2008, and it also points to the start of a plot that might reshape the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Back in early 2000s, the Avengers were split over the issue of the Super Human Registration Act, and there became two factions headed by Captain America and Iron-Man respectively. After the superhero Civil War was over, Iron-Man emerged victorious, and he started setting up a system of superhero teams all over the world. The Captain and his fellows evaded the law and kept their unauthorized superhero quests going despite the S.H.I.E.L.D. chasing them. This was the scenario when the writer Brian Bendis started working on the Secret Invasion storyline. An Avengers team found out that Elektra, the leader of the Hand, had been impersonated by a shapeshifting Skrull for many years. Shockingly, the heroes find this upon Elektra’s death and the body shifts back to its original condition. After they examine the dead body, the Avengers realize that there was no method of identifying a Skrull imposter.

The Skrulls had been overrun by a bunch of religious fanatics who wanted to turn Earth into their new home planet after Galactus gobbled up their planet. They had been carefully examining the Earth’s heroes, finding out how to copy their powers and how to remain hidden from all powers including the magic. Over the course of years, the Skrulls infiltrated even S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Avengers. At that time, Tony Stark was heading S.H.I.E.L.D., and he started figuring out the extent of the risk, but, he had no idea how to tackle it. The tagline of the Secret Invasion series was – “Who do you trust?”

After the American superhero community was in turmoil after the events of Civil War, the Skrulls carried out their plans with increased urgency. They used the Iron-Man’s grid of superhero teams as a medium to spread their influence and sabotage his initiative. When the Invasion was launched, it started with debilitating blows against SH.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, and the overall initiative. Leading heroes like Hank Pym and Spider-Woman turned out to be Skrull imposters. The Avengers somehow foiled the Invasion, and they had to pay a huge price for the victory.

The weirdest aspect of the Secret Invasion was that Marvel took such a long time to do it. Before this storyline, not many Marvel Comics delved into the concept of a shapeshifting alien race. There had been some brilliant sparks, a Skrull imposter who fell in love with the Human Torch, Wolverine was revealed to have been replaced by an imposter, and the Skrulls had secretly breached into the Shi’ar Empire. However, as far as the invasion of Earth was concerned, the Skrulls were shown to be yet another warring race before Brian Bendis arrived on the scene. That is the reason why Secret Invasion went on to become synonymous with the Skrulls for the comic book lovers. It was the first time that they were developed to their real potential.


EW reports that the Skrulls have started the invasion of Earth in the upcoming film, based in the 1990s, Ben Mendelsohn plays the leading villain, Talos, and he has probably been undercover as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. It means that just like the Secret Invasion, the Skrulls have started by penetrating the S.H.I.E.L.D. Therefore, they might have the same strategy as in the comic books, to identify important targets, abducting them, and then replacing them with imposters. That’s how the Skrulls would work up to manipulate the hierarchy and slowly take over important positions.

This makes us feel that the S.H.I.E.L.D. will be battling a threat that’s even deadlier than the one seen in the comics. And this is the first time that the S.H.I.E.L.D. is tackling aliens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, since they are alien shapeshifters, S.H.I.E.L.D. might not even be aware of their existence, and it is not going to be the only organization that they have breached into. (We will see some role of the USAF also in the Captain Marvel movie). In the comic books, it was shown that the Skrulls had launched attacks on Cape Canaveral, so we might see them attack NASA as well. The seashore seen in the photo above might be the beach next to the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and the Kennedy Space Center.

The main premise remains the same as the comic books. The Skrulls have arrived on Earth and started compromising the power structure without anybody even being aware of it. This is definitely something inspired by Secret Invasion, and we wonder what will come up next!