The Very First Trailer For The Reboot Of Care Bears Has Released Online And The Fans Are Going Crazy


Every time an old classic animated series gets picked up for a reboot, the very same things tend to happen: a few of the fans get super excited while the others are not so happy about the decision. This is just the way that nostalgia works- one group being extremely happy about the return of their beloved show and a few others worry that it might actually end up tarnishing the entire legacy of the original movie or TV show. Now, we have the trailer for Care Bears: Unlock the Magic that has been released online.

Deadline has reported that Boomerang’s all-new show has an order of 48 11-minute episodes, with two 22-minute specials, and also, 20 shorts “that will have a special comedic focus on individual bears” when it releases in February. The very first look of this show at Polygon gives the cute ’80s icons a modern, and also, funnier twist.


The trailer has been narrated by Bedtime Bear, who gives a little backstory on what has actually been happening to Care-A-Lot and the denizens. While he also introduces the other Care Bears, he is being interrupted by the mean commentary of Bluster, who has now broken a very old agreement to leave them alone. The Care Bears have to now stop him in order to carry out the mission of protecting the Wiffles.

The fans may have actually met the wonderful little creature, but we all are excited about Dibble. But this is just one of the reasons why the fans are super excited.