New BBC America Study Says That Children Want To See More Female Superheroes


Now, we have news that an all-new study has found that children want more female superheroes in the modern media.

This study had been helmed by BBC America, and the study had sought to analyze how less female superheroes being presented in media affects children. Two-thirds of the girls who fall in the age group of 10-19 had said they do not really see a lot of strong female characters and role models on TV and movies.

This study had said that teenage girls are less likely to describe themselves as brave and confident as compared to males.

The boys too want to see more female characters in the superhero genre. 69 percent of the boys who fall in the age group, 10-19 had said they want more female characters. 85 percent of the girls had said the very same thing.

This study had found that three-fourths of girls from 10-19 had said female superheroes really help them in feeling strong and also inspired.

6 out of 10 had said that seeing female superheroes make them feel like they can do almost anything.