7 Characters From The Comic Books That You Never Knew Existed In The MCU


You may know the Marvel MCU in and out by now, but there is surely something about this superhero genre that will surprise you. Other than the easter eggs and many comic book references, the MCU is a very vast universe and almost that everybody will miss out something or the other. There had been characters in the MCU that had shared this superhero universe-these characters were big names in the pages of the comic books that no one had really cared to look twice. Here are 7 characters that you never knew were in the MCU:

1. Alpha Primitives

Alpha Primitives are inhuman property and are slave workers of the Atillan that is on the Blue Side of the moon. They had staged a revolt and almost overthrew Black Bolt as king. They had then been given freedom and live their lives on their accord. In Agents of Shield, the Alpha Primitives are de-evolution specimens from a terrigenesis process that Hive had used as muscle.

2. Gladiator

The comics show Daredevil going head to head with the villain-Gladiator. He has a buzz-saw arm and also psychological issues because of which he has become the evil vigilante. In the Daredevil TV Series, Melvin Potter designs the Daredevil costume, and this is the real name of Gladiator.

3. Blizzard

In Agents of Shield, Donald Gill is known as the youngster who unlocked the power for creating and also controlling blizzards. He then goes missing and comes back as a brainwashed Hydra operative. Blizzard was a very old enemy of Iron Man and has also clashed with him many times. We can Blizzard to return to the Agents of Shield TV Show soon.

4. Johnny Blaze

Johnny Blaze was also present in Agents of Shield. Robbie Reyes plays this Superhero, but not everyone knew that was there. It was Johnny Blaze in the Ghost Rider form that had come to the rescue Robbie and his brother from the car accident.

5. The Whizzer

The Whizzer is a superhero that had debuted as the speedster vigilante many years ago. In the comic books, Robert Ford attains the ability to run fast after his father injects some mongoose blood in him. In season 2 of Jessica Jones, a character, Robert Ford had made an appearance in one episode. This is a result of the IGH experimentation that had given him super speed, and he has a pet mongoose called Emil.

6. Carnage

In Jessica Jones Season 2, we had been given quite a surprise when one episode had introduced Karl Maus who is a host of the Carnage Symbiote.

7. Angar the Screamer

Even though a Daredevil villain, Agents of Shield had been the one that used the character in their show. Angar had been a villain who underwent a throat surgery, and this surgery had given him the ability to induce stages of coma and also catatonia into all living objects that he screams into. Angar is not dead and may be the link that will connect the Universe to Agents of Shield.