Darth Vader’s Secret Deal With [Spoiler] Revealed


Marvel has been showing us a lot of things about Darth Vader’s ambitions and the fans have come to see that the character has been harbouring a lot of grudges against Emperor Palpatine and he has also kept it secret for the most part.

After being granted some gifts by Palpatine (Queen Amidala’s old ship and the planet Mustafa), Lord Vader builds his castle, and this is a place of solitude to reflect rest, and also meditate. But then the apprentice strikes a pretty deceptive deal with the Sith Lord who had been long thought dead in what is poised to be his new home.


This Sith Lord is Momin, and for the most part, he is dead in the physical realm. But his spirit is alive, and it is possessing people. Soule is picking up on the threads from his 2015 Lando show with Alex Maleev, and here the smuggler had stolen the Emperor’s space yacht, the Imperialis, with the mask on it. Here, the mask started possessing Lando’s squad, and they killed each other. We had then seen the mask feeds off rage, hate, and blood being spilled.

In this issue, the fans learn from Palpatine that Momin had been a Sith architect and believed in harnessing the Dark Side of the Force. Vader knows that there is more to him as he had been struck from the Sith and Jedi archives. It seems that he has perverted the Force, and if the Sith does decide to cast someone out, it is clear that they are truly very dangerous.

As Vader’s 3-man contingent approaches Mustafar, the mask then tricks him into seeing many deformed hallucinations of Anakin Skywalker on this ship, and this hints that terror is on its way. Colonel Brenne has her very first design chastised by Vader when they land and then settle down. But as she walks away, Lieutenant Roggo then blasts her. When Vader soon investigates, he finds Roggo with Momin’s mask. Roggo then pulls up schematics and shows the draft for the obsidian fortress.

Vader knows that his darkness has risen, and instead of stopping the avatar for Momin, he accepts the castle. He knows that Mustafar is the source of Sith power and he can unlock a lot more secrets from Momin for toppling Palpatine.

There is a possibility that Momin will want to use Vader whether as a tool against the Sith brethren or just as a vessel.