7 DC And MCU Villains Who Are Way More Powerful Than Superheroes


In the history of films and most stories about superheroes, the fans have seen that the main villain of the movie tries to destroy the superhero and the world, and eventually, the superhero wins. In most cases, the villains and superheroes almost have similar powers. Now, we are going to look through a list of supervillains who are super obsessed with immortality and power. These villains do not think about anybody at all and do not want weakness at all in their life. Here is a list of supervillains who are way more strong than superheroes:

1. The Symbiote Costume

This foe had been created in the year, 1982 by Randy Schueller, no one ever thought that this villain would one day break a lot of legendary records at the box-office and become as much as a favourite as Spidey. This alien can use Peter Parker as a host and control his entire body and mind.

2. Superwoman

Superwoman is the counterpart of Wonder Woman, and her name is Lois Lane, and she is an Amazonian woman and has all superpowers of Wonder Woman.

3. The Maker

The Maker is a version of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, and after the death of her father, Sue Storm had broken up with Reed and the team breaks and went ahead. Reed could not help himself, and he had gone unconsciousness and start developing madness.

4. Black Adam

Black Adam is famous archenemy of Shazam, and he also has the same powers like Shazam. Black Adam gained his powers from Egyptian Gods, and these are eternal gods.

5. The Devastator

The ‘Devastator’ was from the very same universe as the one where Superman became evil. Batman injected himself with the virus of Doomsday and became the Devastator.

6. Reverse-Flash

Eobard Thawne was an archenemy of Barry Allen. He had started recreating methods, and things via Barry had gained his superpowers, and he had tried the same things to get more powers than Barry. But his cruel and violent behaviour had pushed him further into a role of becoming an enemy of Barry. He could do time travel without cosmic treadmill.

7. Dark Phoenix

The Phoenix force is the strongest and deadliest forces in the universe. This force tries and connects with a host for increasing its powers.