25 Incredibly Funny Memes That Prove DC Movies Have No Logic


DC Comics has been around for almost 80 years now. It is arguably the world’s biggest and oldest successfully running comic brand, and over the decades, DC has not only produced numerous animation/live-action shows based on their comic books, but, also a lot of films.

In the last couple of decades, internet’s advancement has brought forward the phenomenon of memes. Memes are a fantastic tool to punch holes into any kind of media, whether we talk about films or comic books, it is obvious that there will always be some lack of logic that will be different from the reality. Even in those worlds where magic is taken as a normal thing or magnificent creatures exist, there are certain basic laws of the world that must be followed.


Sadly, it is unavoidable that there are going to be some gaps here and there. There is not much that can be done about it as these inconsistencies need to be ignored if one has to make a superhero film. However, it might surprise you to see how some such instances of missing logic can destroy the whole experience of watching a film. It is also surprising how such mistakes could have been avoided without giving up on logic.

We are familiar with the fact that DC is not really doing very well as far as the movies are concerned, in recent years. It appears as if no matter what they do, everything gets subjected to criticism and scrutiny. This has led to a plethora of memes that highlight the illogical aspect of their films. These are so vivid that there are even memes mocking fans of DC movies.

25. Good Guy Bane

24. Happy And Sad

23. Parental Angst

22. Bringing Kids To Fight Supervillains

21. Aquaman’s Powers

20. Skipknot’s Quick Finish

19. Batman’s Lack Of Powers

18. Lex’s Ugly Hairdo

17. Keeping Joker Alive For So Long

16. Why So Excited?

15. Highest Form Of Flattery

14. Easy As That

13. All Orphans Become Superheroes

12. She’s A Fan

11. Blending In

10. ‘Nuff Said

9. So Much For That Idea

8. He’s Still A Looker, Ladies

7. Literally Light Logic

6. The Greatest Battle

5. Who Needs Diversity, Right?

4. Batman’s Ridiculous Logic

3. Who Can Understand Women?

2. Superman Needs A Map

1. Bruce’s Budget Issues