10 Famous DC Superheroes And How To Make Them Look Awesome In Live-Screen Adaptations


While Superhero movies are not exactly a novel phenomenon, the arrival of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen caused great changes to the genre. The shared superhero Universe created by Marvel was quite path-breaking, and it led to all other studios trying to create their own big screen Universe. Warner Bros. and DC Films didn’t waste too much time in establishing their own cinematic Universe when they launched the DC Extended Universe with Man of Steel. Over the years, they have made films like Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League. They also have their small-screen Arrowverse featuring numerous superhero characters, one of which (The Flash) has made it over to the big screen as well. The DCEU is constantly expanding, and they are adding more and more characters to it. We saw Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash,Cyborg, and Aquaman join hands to battle a threat that caused existential risk to our world in Justice League.

However, the readers of DC comics and those who have been following the various animated versions of DC superheroes, are well aware that the big-screen Justice League is just a much smaller squad of the characters available. The DC Comics has a huge number of superheroes guarding numerous imaginary cities, worlds and alternate realities. The superhero squad that we saw in Justice League is just a brief glimpse of a vast Universe. Aquaman is already out there, and next year, we will see the big screen debut of Shazam!, and there are many other popular characters that fans wish to see on the big screen. However, when we talk about a comic book superhero making transition to a live-screen adaptation, the biggest and most important factor happens to be the costume and the look of the character. While it is obvious that most of them are impossible to recreate with 100% comic book accuracy, let us take a look at some of the most popular DC characters and how they must look in their live-action cinematic versions.


1. Hawkman

2. Superman

3. Wonder Woman

4. Aquaman

5. The Flash (DCEU)

6. Black Canary

7. Batman

8. Green Arrow

9. The Atom

10. The Flash (TV)