7 Scenes From Marvel Films That Would Have Altered Everything If They Had Not Been Deleted


Films that are generally popular among the masses, especially films based on Marvel Comics have been massive hits. Consequently, there are millions of people that have become passionate Marvel movies fans and love their characters, stories, and great scenes. Each of the Marvel movies has its own set of deleted scenes, and certain things within the footage that was removed from their movies, but, would have made great impact if it was not removed. Here we present to you some of the most impactful scenes that would have altered everything if they had not been deleted from the movies.

Natasha Romanoff/Tony Stark – Iron Man 2


It is rated among the worst Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ever by a lot of fans, but, no matter what is your belief about the Iron-Man 2, the film had given us one superb thing. Yes, we are talking about Black Widow. She was introduced as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who worked undercover as Tony Stark’s personal assistant, but, she spent a great bit of time in the movie by his side. Since Tony Stark has been known to chase every hot woman around him, it is not surprising to see him hit on Natasha Romanoff. However, if they had featured a scene wherein she responded to his charms, this would have altered their future equation, despite the character having flirted only for the sake of her mission.

Gamora’s evil look – Avengers: Infinity War

The key element of the Avengers: Infinity War is the relationship between Gamora and Thanos. It is his love for her that made Thanos such a deep character. Not only that, the scenes depicting Gamora and Thanos also shed a lot of light on her backstory, but, there was one deleted scene which would have given her a very different dimension. It is from the sequence in Thanos’ throne room where Thanos went on to show Gamora a vision of her informing him about a planet submitting to him only because of her efforts. While she called herself a prisoner, but, her face had a wicked smile that would have changed the perception about her.

Wolverine’s costume – The Wolverine

This is something that the Marvel Comics fans had been waiting for a long time, and a lot of people were delighted to see the original X-Men movie come out in the year 2000. However, it is more than obvious that given a chance, those very people would have made changes to the movie that was released. Among the most often heard request from fans has been the desire to see the characters in comic book accurate costumes. Therefore, the fans would have been happy if the deleted scene from The Wolverine showing how Yukio gave Logan a comic book faithful costume had not been deleted from the movie.

Jonah Jameson put on the suit – Spider-Man 2

It is still rated as the best Spider-Man film ever made, by a majority of the fans, and Spider-Man 2 has a lot of great things. The film was greatly inspired by an iconic Marvel Comics story: Spider-Man: No More. It shows Peter Parker leave his superhero persona. It was quite a dramatic call, and the movie gave it the depth it needed. However, there was a brief scene that would have been a part of the various reactions to the missing Spider-Man might have impacted the gravity. In the scene, it was shown that Jonah J. Jameson was relishing his chance to put on the discarded Spider-Man costume. Had the scene not been deleted, it might have added a dash of humor to the film.

Wolverine and Storm romance: X-Men: Days of Future Past

At times there are films that are overflowing with characters. It doesn’t matter how many X-Men are featured in a movie, they have always displayed a lot of great relationships among them. Having said that, as far as the romantic element is concerned, Wolverine and Jean Grey are the most iconic pair despite never having been a formal couple. They have great chemistry, and there was a time when Wolverine even hallucinated about Jean. There was a deleted scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past where Wolverine and Storm were shown to be a couple. If that scene had not been deleted, it would have stunned a lot of people.

Loki becomes King of Asgard – Thorr

He is arguably the most layered character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it has not been difficult to believe that Loki was in charge of an alien army invading New York in one movie and joining his brother to defeat villains in other. He was quite simple in Thor, and there was a deleted scene that showed him talk to Frigga about their family while Odin slept on, in his debut movie. The scene ended with Frigga telling Loki that he must take over under Odin’s garb, and it surprises Loki.

Since he is the God of Mischief, we don’t know what he really feels and that makes the scene such a brilliant one.

Banner’s depression and Captain America – The Incredible Hulk

A fierce scene that would have offended many viewers, but, there was a scene in The Incredible Hulk which showed the green monster in freezing condition, wielding a weapon and thinking about harming himself. The scene was highly valuable and would have made a lot of difference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe if it was not deleted and that is due to Captain America.

The scene ended with Hulk smashing the very ice that he stood upon, and there was a wider angle view that showed Captain America under the ice for a brief moment. Then the ice around the Captain broke up as well, and it makes us believe that this might be how they had originally planned to introduce the hero.