Dungeons And Dragons Film From Chris Mckay Will Start Its Shooting By 2019


A Dungeons & Dragons movie will reach us by the year, 2021. An all-new report now claims that this reboot will start its shooting by the year, 2019.

Chris Mckay had been in talks for helming the movie which comes from Hasbro’s AllSpark Pictures. Since this year, we have not really heard a lot about this movie. AllSpark and Hasbro have set a 2021 release date for the movie, Dungeons and Dragons.


This is the very first sign that this film is really moving ahead although it has not been confirmed that McKay will helm this film. Michael Gillio will write the script, and Hasbro’s CEO, Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis will be producing this film.

Production Weekly has listed Shari Hanson as one of the producers on this project as well. Last year, AllSpark Pictures had finalised a settlement and had shucked Warner Bros. away, and also renewed a production deal with Paramount. Ansel Elgort has now been listed as the lead, but there is no confirmation that he is still attached to this film.

Chris Mckay had been signed to take up a Nightwing movie at Warner Bros., but it is now not clear if this will still take place. It seems like Dungeons and Dragons will take place first, even if Nightwing does move ahead. There are no real plot details for the movie, Dungeons and Dragons as of now.