Here Are A Few Epic Marvel Movie Easter Eggs That You May Have Not Noticed


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken the concept of Easter eggs to a whole new level no other franchise has ever done. The fans enjoy searching for and finding these little clues, and many fans also try and assume what it may mean for the future of this Marvel shared universe. Spotting a reference to the comic books, and even finding a meticulously hidden hints that point to another MCU film surely does bring a lot of joy to all the fans.

Many fans do not find all the Easter eggs in one go but by the second or fifth time, one will surely spot them. The internet is packed with fans who spend a lot of their time in dissecting the Marvel films and making sure that nothing at all goes unappreciated and unnoticed. At times, these Marvel Easter eggs surely do pay off, and there are times when they have led to nothing, but the fans still love and enjoy them.


As all the fans would know, the MCU has been around for 10 years now and all their movies over this decade have been packed with Easter Eggs. In light of this, here are a few Marvel Easter eggs that you may have missed:

1. Captain America famously re-enacted a scene from his childhood when fighting Iron Man in Civil War

Too bad Tony Stark didn’t see the flashback, because in both cases, Steve is saved by Bucky

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2. Doctor Strange’s credits have a disclaimer that is relevant to real life and also the main character

3. Peter’s knowledge of the “really old movie” Aliens comes in handy, but Tony quickly tires of his ward’s referential quips

Which is funny, because minutes later during the standoff with the Guardians, Tony inadvertantly makes an Aliens reference himself by pointing this xenomorph-like weapon at Drax

4. When Ned discovers Spider-Man’s true identity, Peter Parker is understandably caught off guard

But Peter should have known better — Ned said he was coming over to build the Lego Death Star Later

Thing is, at that exact moment, Peter wasn’t listening because he was gazing at Liz

5. When we first see Thanos in Infinity War, he’s familiar as ever, classic purple cue-ball head

But by the time the movie ends, Thanos has actually grown some hair on his head

Zoom! Enhance!

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6. In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Pym’s tiny secret base is powered by giant (aka normal size) Duracell batteries

7. When Tony is first testing out his repulsor tech, you can actually see the power surging through to his arm from the arc reactor

8. In Thor: Ragnarok, Skurge tries to impress a couple of ladies with all his stuff

Later, when leading Hela’s armies to battle the remaining Asgardians, he confronts those same ladies on the Bifrost



10. You can tell Hank Pym has a thing for ants even without knowing his past — he’s got ants encased in his cufflinks

Darren Cross also wears his heart on his sleeve, as it were — the villain who would become Yellowjacket is wearing a tie with a hexagonal shape earlier in the movie

11. In The First Avenger, Cap and Bucky reminisce about a roller coaster on Coney Island

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, the final battle takes place near this same coaster

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12. After Cull Obsidian gets warped away, you can see Bruce Banner is ready to… punch him with his tiny human fists

13. Happy Hogan tries and fails to pronounce the name of Thor’s “magic belt”

In actual Norse Mythology, “Megingjord” was indeed a strength-enhancing belt — Thor even uses it in Marvel Comics

14. In Deadpool 2 (hey, it counts), Wade can be seen reading “The Canadian Mounted,” likely a reference to the same book John Candy reads in the comedy classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles

15. Look closely in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and you can see a tiny city in one of the Microverse scenes
Fans have speculated this is the city of K’ai, a Microverse civilization Hulk once visited in the comics