6 Female Versions Of Superheroes Who Did It Better


Many of the heroines in the comic book world had started out as damsels in distresses and tagalongs. The male characters were always seen helping the female characters and rescuing them. But all this soon changed and now from superheroines like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, women heroes are making their way on to the pages of the comic books. The writers have often taken male superheroes and created their female counterparts. In light of this, here are 6 female superheroes who did it better than the male heroes:


Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters had gained her powers after blood transfusion from Bruce. She-Hulk is way more popular than the male Hulk, and she temporarily replaced the Thing for the Fantastic Four.


Carol Danvers had started out as Ms Marvel and had been compared to Mar-Vell’s Captain Marvel. Carol is the most famous Marvel in the universe, and she has overcome many depowerments, family trouble and also alcoholism and has taken the place as an A-list heroine.


For a very long time, Jane Foster had been the love interest of Thor, and the alter ego, Dr Don Blake. A cancer-stricken Dr Foster then taught herself to wield Mjolnir, and she had proven proved herself against many of Thor’s foes, like Mangog.


Kate Bishop had started out her career as superhero  with the Young Avengers. Kate had taken up the role of “Hawkeye” and had suited up in purple. Kate might lack Clint Barton’s experience, but she is as brave and observant.


After the first White Tiger, Hector Ayala, had been accused of a crime, two relatives (females) had taken over. The first had been his niece, Angela Del Toro and she ended up being mind controlled by the enemy. Hector’s sister, Ava Ayala, had then taken over.

Ava’s tenure as the White Tiger has been very interesting and the amulets inherited by her grants her martial arts skills and superhuman endurance.

6. X-23

Laura Kinney has been designated as X-and she had discovered other Wolverine clones who really required her to guiding them as the Wolverine (Logan) had once guided her. She even has adamantium claws on her feet and also on her hands.