33 Funny Thor Ragnarok Jokes Which Will Make Fans Go ROFL


Right from the moment, Thor: Ragnarok starts, it becomes clear to the audiences that here is a film unlike any other Thor films from the past. In fact, this is an outright comedy. As a studio, Marvel has always used the humor element smartly in its films, and there have been some light-hearted movies like, Guardians of the Galaxy for example, which is a light-hearted film with fantastic comedic pace, as well as its sequel. In fact, even those films which appear more serious like Doctor Strange or the Iron-Man trilogy, have a good bit of jokes.

However, Thor: Ragnarok is unlike all the MCU films that came before it, and we can’t really classify it. The humor is genuine and continuous. There are great cameos, funny one-liners, dark humor, visual jokes and funny characters (Korg for one), everything coming together to make this Taika Waititi movie, probably the funniest Marvel movie ever. In fact, right from the time, the trailers came out, we knew it was going to be funny when we saw Thor cheerfully greeting Hulk in a gladiator-style arena, exclaiming, “I know him, he’s a friend from work!” It was obvious that Thor: Ragnarok is a film that didn’t take ‘serious’ part too seriously.

Looking at Thor, Loki and Bruce Banner, all taking the plunge into the humor pool is, in fact, a highlight of Thor: Ragnarok, in fact, the film was so heavy on the fun element that in the process, the jokes overshadowed any grim element that the film might have. For example, Valkyrie’s backstory. We heard it, and it was heart-breaking, painful and serious. Credit must be given to Waititi since he depicted it with a touching flashback sequence, but, moments later, we see an argument between Thor and Loki about “get help.” It was a funny sequence that ensured that Valkyrie’s story didn’t turn things into serious. The movie has no dearth of such hilarious scenes, and here we present to you the most side-splitting Thor: Ragnarok scenes!

1. So Adorable!

2. Yess!

3. Lol!

4. Hehe!

5. Crazy!

6. Funny Director!

7. Bros!

8. Amazing!

9. Superb!

10. Super Crazy!

11. Funny!

12. Freak!

13. Hehe!

14. Haha!

15. Just Got Replaced!

16. Fun On the Set!

17. Take it Away!

18. ROFL!

19. Ooh!

20. Crazy Avengers!

21. Fix It!

22. La La!

23. So Yummy!

24. Nice!

25. Everyone Wants to Have This Fun Director!

26. Oh Yeah!

27. So Crazy!

28. Craziest LOKI!

29. Set Images!

30. He’s good!

31. Thor Ragnarok Gag Reel Moments!

32. Dancing Hela!

33. Let Just fix the Wig!