Marvel Has Just Killed A Member Of The Guardians And The Fans Are Shocked


The popular and famous Marvel Comics Universe is now in the middle of a big crossover event, and this is called Infinity Wars. The fans seen a few he superheroes become villains, and villains become superheroes and almost everything in between. The fans know that there will surely be emotional and controversial moves by the company that will send all the fans into a frenzy. Now, with this latest demise, they might have done this.



Marvel had promised that one of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy would die in this series, which had been something that the fans were not excited to see as they started to jump into the event. With the Marvel Studios movies being a huge success, these characters have now become beloved. There is one character who has always stood out as a fan-favourite -Drax the Destroyer.

Drax’s comic character had a different trajectory from the movie counterpart, and this storyline is much harder to explain if you have not been keeping up to date with it. This is a rundown: Gamora had gathered the Infinity Stones, and she had wanted to rewrite reality. While the character’s reasoning was actually good, it had failed, and Gamora had sone worse damage than Thanos. She had tried to pull all the souls into the Soul Stone so she could alter reality. However, when this had happened, it had caused the souls to merge, and this had created Infinity Warps (Dr Strange and Captain America).

Drax had then been forged with a human father, Arthur Douglas, whose family had been killed by Thanos. These kindred spirits had stayed connected after Adam Warlock had split the Warps. But, as the Warps had become their very own entities, Warlock did not feel that it was right killing them off, so he had created a new universe for the Warps to live in. So, in the regular universe, everyone is back to normal, and the copies of the Warps are in their own universe.

The two portals, one to the main universe, and the one to the Warped universe had been struggling to stay open for everyone to get home. It had required two souls to aid in keeping them open, but at the cost of themselves. With Arthur and Drax meeting outside of the Warped self, they had made a decision to be the ones to help Warlock finish the task. Drax (and Arthur) had then given up their lives to save the universes. Drax is onto a better place with his family. Now, this being the comics books, we do not know how long he will actually stay dead.

Now, there might be another reason for this very move. There is the controversy over James Gunn’s firing from the last Guardians of the Galaxy movie and also Dave Bautista’s outspoken support for James Gunn, and even threatening to leave the movie. Marvel is known to actually wipe out characters.

Maybe Drax had been chosen for this very reason. Or, maybe it had been to give him a proper send off after many years of a tormented life.