Henry Cavill Creates Further Confusion About Superman With This Coded Instagram Post


This has been quite a week for the DC lovers, and even more so for the Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. We came to know that the actor was no longer going to play the Kryptonian superhero in DCEU. It all was caused by the failed negotiations regarding a Superman cameo in the upcoming Shazam! due to scheduling issues. The news about Cavill giving up his cape broke hearts of DC fans. Things went on to become extremely confusing when Cavill came up with a highly cryptic post on the social media.

After it was revealed that Henry Cavill is out of Superman role, his manager issued a statement suggesting that there might still be a future for the actor with DC Films and WB and observed that the studio would also make an official statement. However, the statement by the studio hardly revealed anything more than the fact that they have not discussed anything and they appreciate Cavill. This was followed by the actor sharing a video of himself on the social media where he is seen wearing a Krypton Lifting t-shirt and raising a Man of Steel toy into the air. It was captioned: “Today was exciting.”


Fans felt positive about the post by Henry Cavill, and some are of the opinion that there is a contract negotiation going on in public. The scheduling conflicts that have been mentioned might not be the actual thing, and the statements from the actor’s manager and the studio have created a lot of confusion. Cavill’s manager stated that there is a future and the studio seems to indicate that they haven’t discussed the future. The general perception is that Cavill’s team might have leaked the story about him leaving the DCEU.

The social media post by Henry Cavill doesn’t make much sense, but, it does indicate that he might be celebrating something and hinting that Man of Steel 2 might be on the horizon. If it was a grand negotiating trick, Cavill has just highlighted how the DC fans are keen to see him return as the Superman and they are eager for that. Also, it makes the actor a lot more costlier for the studio and gives him a much larger paycheck eventually. Hopefully, things work out in a way that everybody turns out to be a winner.

Rumors have also started doing the rounds about the other actors who could take over from Henry Cavill, and fans have strongly defended Cavill. However, if the actor stayed on, for now, connecting with fans in a way that Ben Affleck hasn’t yet done, and it could also mean that he might film his Shazam! cameo during the reshoots. For now, we don’t know anything for sure and are grappling with the events of the last couple of days. An official statement is still awaited, and we have only the Superman message to look at, courtesy of the Instagram page of Henry Cavill.