8 Hollywood Movies That Failed To Match The Hype On The Box Office


It is not necessary that a grand movie will always be a good movie. This is how the world of movies works. There are times when a film earns money, but, doesn’t turn out to be a good film, and then there are films which audiences love, but, they don’t match the hype generated before release. Just by looking at the synopsis or the trailers, you can’t always judge the true quality of a film. There have been several films that featured big artists, but, failed to succeed because they couldn’t depict what they wanted to. Let us take a look at eight films which were overhyped and couldn’t achieve the success that they were expected to.


Justice League

Last year, Zack Snyder’s mega-team up film based on the DC Comics storyline made decent money at the box office. However, the total of $650 million globally, doesn’t reveal the fact that the film had massively underperformed because here was a film that had cost $300 million to make. For a film that cost so much and had a lot of hard work involved, Justice League was a big debacle.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

It is almost unimaginable to see Star Wars being included in a list of under-performing films, but, Solo: A Star Wars Story released in theatres and hardly anybody watched it. The fault was not as much with the film, as with its release timing. How can anyone justify the stupidity of releasing a special film in the middle of two blockbusters. Avengers: Infinity War was going strong, and Deadpool 2 was creating its own records. The film which had cost a numbing $400 million was the biggest debacle for Star Wars ever.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

There are not too many better scenarios than an Arthurian legend being starred by Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy). That is why Warner Bros. didn’t expect it to fail. The film earned only $15 million on the opening weekend and failed to be the success that Warner Bros. expected it to be. The worst part of the movie was the performance of ex-footballer David Beckham which made him realize that acting was not his game.

Terminator Salvation

Back in 2009, Christian Bale was on a high after the success of The Dark Knight, and he joined the Terminator franchise’s fourth movie Salvation. However, the absence of Arnold Schwarzenegger was the main reason why Bale’s performance was not much enjoyed by the viewers. The film earned only $371.4 million despite having a huge budget of $200 million.

John Carter

As far as resources and great work is concerned, John Carter had it all. The iconic sci-fi writer Edgar Rice Burroughs had written it, the movie had an Oscar-winner director, and great supporting cast that gave Disney the confidence of spending $263 million on the movie, but, it made only $306.6 million. The idea of creating John Carter on the lines of Star Wars didn’t work, and the film had its slow pace to blame as well.

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four reboot by Josh Trank was eagerly awaited, but, the film failed to get even one element right, and even the CGI effects hurt the movie. The audiences realized that this was not a film they had expected to watch. Bad story and bad actors further compounded the problem, and it turned out to be an extremely painful movie.

Golden Compass

It is true that The Golden Compass was profitable, but, it is on this list because, despite everything, it was nothing more than just an adorable polar bear. They had a clear vision to make a trilogy on Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials, but, it couldn’t achieve the success it was supposed to. Some say that these books can give a run to Harry Potter books, but, the film certainly doesn’t.

Speed Racer

Ten years ago, Speed Racer was among the most eagerly anticipated movies ever. The film based on the animated series of Tatsuo Yoshida was the first film to be directed by Wachowski. It had a much better marketing and advertising campaign than the actual movie. Costing $120 million, Speed Racer earned only $93.9 million. Warner Bros. tried recovering their money through merchandise, but that also didn’t work out well.