All-New Photo shopped Image Of Chris Evans’ Oscars Moment With The Captain America Shield Has The Fans Going Crazy


Chris Evans might actually be the closest that we will ever get to having a real-life Captain America. After having played this superhero role for almost a decade, the actor has proven that he has he’s learned many things from the character, Steve Rogers.

There is just one thing that Evans had been missing during The Academy Awards, and that is his vibranium shield.


Chris Evans had made headlines last night for being a gentleman and stepping out from his seat to escort the actress, Regina King after she had won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in If Beale Street Could Talk. This moment had gone viral on social media, and it did not take very long for a fan to have photoshopped Captain America ‘s shield into it.

“Love seeing Captain America out there doing his thing,” The Big Pic had written.

This viral moment made the internet fall in love with Chris Evans, but this is not the very first time that the actor has been chivalrous. In the year, 2015, he had been applauded when he helped Betty White to the stage during the People’s Choice Awards.

After having helped King to the stage, Chris Evans had taken the spotlight himself and had presented the award for Best Production Design with Jennifer Lopez.