New Infinity War Fan Theory Suggests Vision Will Return Because Of What Shuri Did


Surely one of the heartbreaking moments in the movie, Avengers: Infinity War was when Scarlet Witch had to kill Vision while removing the Mind Stone from his head. But Vision is not actually gone for good. He did die, but there is a chance his soul may have been saved.

All throughout the battle of Wakanda, Shuri had been trying to remove the Mind Stone from Vision an now, according to a new fan theory, Shuri had changed her plan when the attackers had gotten close. Instead of taking the stone, she had started uploading Vision’s consciousness into the computer-like Jarvis.

Due to a few evidence through screenshots, from this fan who had posted the theory, it seems like she has succeeded. This theory suggests that Shuri had changed her mind when she heard the attackers had gotten into the building and she had copied and pasted Vision’s six primary sections for preserving him.

When Shuri had uploaded all the sections, the path turned from orange to blue, and this represents the completion.

Shuri had transferred the sections before the room had been taken over and she then closes this program, and all the sections blink blue one time, and this signified that they have been uploaded.

If the theory is correct, and Shuri has succeeded then any of these two things may take place in the movie, Avengers 4. The Wakandan technology and Vibranium will be used for rebuilding Vision, or he will become Jarvis for Tony.

Avengers 4 will release on May 3, 2019.