Jason Todd Will Appear In Titans TV Series Next Episode, He Is Looking Epic


Last week, the members of Doom Patrol had made their debut on DC’s show, Titans and this week, this show will prepare for the introduction of a very popular character- Jason Todd.

For all those who are not familiar with this character, Jason Todd had been one of the characters to who served as Robin with Batman. Jason had been killed in a battle and then was resurrected as The Red Hood.

The Jason Todd of Titans is being played by the actor, Curran Walters. Dick Grayson had left Batman because of some irreconcilable differences, and this had caused Bruce to find a replacement. Dick feels like Batman is brainwashing and controlling his protege but Jason does not see it in this way.

DC Universe had released a whole new batch of images from Friday’s Titans, three of which show Walters’s debut.