Jessica Jones Season Three Set Video Reveals That Trish Will Become Hellcat


The Season 2 finale of Jessica Jones clearly meant that Trish Walker, the character played by Taylor, would ultimately become Hellcat, her superhero alter-ego from the Marvel Comics. Now a set video has emerged which shows her doing backflips off a wall,  and it further supports the theory.

You can check the video at The Daily Mail.

The Jessica Jones Season Two showed Trish getting addicted to the drug which was behind the Nuke-like enhancements of Will Simpson. She tracked Dr. Mallus, the crazy scientist who had given powers to Jessica and who used to work in the lab where Simpson was being treated. She made Mallus perform the same procedure on her which had given  Jessica her powers. Although Jessica disrupted the procedure before its completion, Trish managed to get enough powers to turn into Hellcat. However, this and other things done by her resulted in the ending of Jessica and Trish’s friendship.

While attending a convention panel, Jessica Jones’ star Krysten Ritter mentioned the way their equation would change in the third season.

 “I built so much of my performance and so much of what I do with the character, if I ever get lost or if I’m ever like, ‘oh, what am I gonna do with this scene,’ I kind of always go back to Jessica’s love for Trish,” Ritter said.

“Trish is the most important person to her. And now she has betrayed her in this huge way, and I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I think it’s gonna be an interesting challenge for me, in my performance, to flip it. And really, that’s gonna be a big struggle I think, because it’s the only person she loves and lives for, to now have that taken away from her I think is gonna be really, really challenging and tricky. Yeah, I don’t know.”

Ritter also said that the production would start “very soon” on Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season Three.

Jessica Jones Season Two is currently streaming on Netflix.

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