[Spoiler] Is The Most Powerful Member Of The Justice League


Ever since the reboot of the character, Green Arrow in New 52, Oliver Queen has been dealing with a lot of street-level problems and he has tried his level best to actually maintain a distance from all the members of the Justice League.

But now, the entire situation of the DC universe in the No Justice Story arc requires the Emerald Archer to take on leadership and his weapon just in case things don’t end up so well.


Brainiac had sent the entire Justice League into space, and the Green Arrow is our only hope and defender of planet earth.

If you do not know already, there are the Cosmic trees which Justice League had fought in Brainiac’s Home planet, and they had been really tough to deal with. Amanda Waller had then gone on to mess up the situation by growing a few of the trees on Earth, and the Omega Titans have also landed on earth.

Amanda wanted to end the Cosmic trees by nuking them, but this would have killed all the superheroes who were connected to this trees, and this eventually leads to a huge fight between Green Arrow and Amanda Waller.

Oliver then calls the human Green Lanterns, and on the other side, the Justice League had charged the seed using energies from Entropy, Mystery, Wisdom and also, Wonder. The plan had been to shoot the seed inside the Entropy Titan so that the siblings would consume its own kind and then leave earth. To make this happen, this Green Lantern had generated a huge Gun using his ring, and this was used by Green Arrow, and he shoots the seed into the Entropy Titan, and this turns the Titans against each other.

After the Battle Martian, The Manhunter then appreciates all the efforts of Green Arrow, and he also gives him a mysterious box. He is told that if the need arises, he must use the powers for demolishing the Justice League. When Martian then disappears, Oliver says, “Well F$%@@.”

It is clear that Oliver will not be on the sidelines of the matters related to Global safeguard and the seeds of a Green Arrow storyline have now been planted.