Lucifer Season Four Will Come On Netflix


Lucifer has been a major hit all over the world, but, was always under risk at FOX due to not so pleasant ratings in U.S. Right from the time it got canceled in May, fans had been campaigning for it, and showrunners held talks to revive the series.

It is not yet clear if or any changes are going to be made to Lucifer. The last season witnessed the production get relocated from Vancouver to LA, and Tom Welling joined in as an important character. For now, it is also not known as to how many episodes are going to be ordered by Netflix and when will it debut.

Lucifer’s last season ended on a cliffhanger: after having worked for three years with Chloe and steadily getting closer, Lucifer disclosed his real face to the human cop and colleague. This was supposed to boost the ratings for the upcoming season, but, the show got canceled.

“I think that’s the best episode of television I’ve ever made, just full stop,” Henderson recently said. “I love it. I got to write a mixture of a play and an action movie. I thought the entire cast just brought it. The only regret I have about the episode is that DB and Tricia aren’t in it. But they did such incredible work they did in the previous episode that Ildy wrote – it was satisfying. And I guess, them not being in the finale also gave us room to dig deeper with our other characters: Ella and her fate, Dan, and his breaking point, and of course Lucifer and Chloe.”

The third season of the show which also features a couple of “bonus episodes” which were originally supposed to be a part of the season four will be available in stores in August. You can also stream it right away on iTunes and Hulu.