10 Super Amazing Super Soldiers In The Marvel And DC Universes


So, what if we tell you that Captain America is not the only Super Soldier there is in the Marvel universe. There are so many of these supes out there in the exciting world of comic books in Marvel and also DC. Here we have for you 10 Super Soldiers in the Marvel and DC Universe that you may not be aware of.

1. Captain Britain – United Kingdom


Captain Britain’s alter ego is Brian Braddock, and he had been orphaned after a car accident, and then, he had joined a Nuclear research laboratory, and he injured himself pretty badly. The Wizard, named Merlyn and Roma had then appeared and gave him the Amulet of Right and turned which turned him into  Captain Britain.

2. Union Jack – Britain

 Union Jack is a name that is shared by a very popular father-son duo. James Montgomery has superhuman attributes and is also an expert in firearms. After he had died, his son, named Brian Falsworth had taken up this mantle after he had been injected with a rudimentary Super Soldier Serum.

3. Black Widow – Soviet Russia

 Natalia Romanova is the most successful result of the Soviet Super Soldier Program called Red Room. She is super agile and also has superhuman physical strength and reflexes.

4. Super Boy – USA

 Connor Kent (Super Boy) was actually supposed to be the next gen super soldier of the UD. Super Boy has powers of Superman, but he made a decision to not follow orders and finally listen to his heart.

5. Terry McGinnis – Gotham

 Terry McGinnis is known as the Batman of the future, and here, an older Bruce Wayne retires from his life of fighting crime. Terry is a clone of Bruce and been created by Amanda Waller for replacing Bruce.

6. Red Skull – Germany

Johann Schmidt had been a Nazi Sympathizer and once Johann who was an ordinary Bellhop, had been taken under the tutelage of Adolf Hitler. He had then been trained to become the Red Skull. He sported a red mask and Johann was super effective at taking out all his foes, and the USA had to create Captain America for defeating him.

7. The Colonel – Iran

 Abdul Al-Rahman is a national of Azerbaijani who had despised America, and he then volunteered to become a part of a Super Soldier Program, and this turned him into a Super Soldier. He then battled with Captain America and almost defeated him. Then, the Hulk had sliced his hands.

8. Wolverine – Canada

 Wolverine (Logan) is more than 200 years old, and he was a mutant and had lupine abilities. When Sabretooth had killed his wife, Wolverine then joined the Mutant experimentation unit of Weapon Plus projects, and he had been infused with Adamantium. This process had then turned him into an enhanced and invulnerable person.

9. Captain America – USA

 Steve Rogers had been injected with the Super Soldier Serum by Abraham Erskine, and this was so that America would a weapon for tackling the threat of Red Skull. Steve Rogers has superhuman physical attributes, and he also represents truth and justice.

10. Captain Atom- USA

Captain Atom (Nathaniel Christopher Adam) is a US States Air Force officer. When Nathaniel had been framed for a crime that he did not commit, he had been sentenced to death. Nathaniel had been asked to become the subject of a suicide mission, and he agreed to this. This had disintegrated Nathaniel, and he then was encased in alien metal and had the ability to manipulate energy and also tap into the Quantum Field.