22 Marvel Superhero Characters That Are Too Difficult To Cosplay (But, These Fans Did It In Style)


Although, it was not teeming with globally renowned icons like Superman or Batman, but, Marvel Cinematic Universe debuted as a fresh breath on the big screen. The element of surprise, leveraged by great filmmaking and superb performances established the Marvel Cinematic Universe as not only the first shared superhero universe but, also as the leader on the box office in the superhero genre. Fans loved it for various reasons such as brightness, light-hearted approach, great acting, etc., but, one of the biggest reasons why fans love MCU is its superheroes and their costumes.

There are various options available before fans to display their love for their beloved superheroes. While some of them go to the theater to repeatedly watch a film to support it, there are others who spend a lot of money buying the DVDs as well as Blu-rays of the same movie. Then there are the franchise collectibles such as toys and merchandise which greatly enhance a film’s prospects of getting a sequel. Buying the movie merchandise in large numbers is another thing that the fans are famous for.

However, there is no doubt that the craziest way to pay homage to a favorite TV show, film or video game is to indulge in cosplay. As is commonly known, cosplay involves dressing up like a popular character and literally bringing him or her into the physical world. Cosplays are not your regular party costumes where you can just buy a low-cost shirt with a logo on it. It is an art which requires great dedication and needs to make the wearer look as identical to the actual character as possible.

The MCU provides ample scope for the cosplayers to present their talent. Generally, the alien characters are not easy to copy, but, the fans are so passionate that at times, they are able to recreate even the most impossible and complex costumes without using CGI. Here we present to you 22 characters from Marvel, but, let us remind you that they have been featured without any consideration of team or film, etc.

22. One Evil Robot

21. Green-Skinned Goddess

20. A Hulking Gladiator

19. Which Witch Is This

18. Truly Imposing

17. A Marvelous Cosplay

16. The Sweetest Alien

15. Some Assembly Required

14. A Stellar Racoon

13. This Cosplay Is Tricky

12. Hidden Agenda

11. I’m Mary Poppins, Y’all!

10. Man Of Iron

9. The Ultimate War Machine

8. Regal As Ever

7. Size Matters

6. Strangely Perfect

5. A Loyal Protector

4. Keeper Of The Bridge

3. Evil Personified

2. Accuse Him, We Dare You

1. He Is Groot