10 Powerful Symbiotes In The Marvel Universe


From the planet of Klyntar, the famous Marvel symbiotes are beings that attach to a host and then feeds off their life and gives the host a lot of abilities. The famous anti-hero, Venom belongs to this race as well, and he has made the symbiotes very popular. But there are many other symbiotes that you may not be aware of. Here is a list of the 10 most powerful symbiotes in the Marvel Universe:

1. Riot

This symbiote villain was created as a weapon of the Life Foundation and is similar to Venom but not the same colour. Riot is also very much prone to violence and rage like Carnage as well.


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2. Mania

Mania can enslave its host with bloodlust that clouds the hosts’ judgment as well.

3. Agony

Agony has had a whole lot of potential but none of the flair that the other symbiotes had. Agony had bonded with a security officer called Leslie Gesneria and had been the first to fall victim to Scream.

4. Venom

Eddie Brock had been the second person who was a host to Venom after Spider-Man. His powers are off the chart, but there still are many contenders that can beat him.

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5. Mayhem

In Earth-982, Spider-Man had retired from his super-heroic life, and after he had lost his right leg, his daughter, May Parker gets the spider powers of Peter Parker and was cloned by Norman Osborn, who uses this clone as a vessel to make the very first symbiote.

6. Venom 2099

In 2099 universe, Venom had evolved into another entity and Venom 2099 could to shoot acid saliva and also had the levels of strength that are way superior to any mainstream Venom.

7. Hybrid

After Scream had eliminated the four life Foundation symbiotes, they had merged and formed an entity called Hybrid, and it has all of the powers of the parent symbiotes. One weakness, however, is that there are many consciouses within it.

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8. Carnage

Carnage was almost everything that Venom had failed to be and was dangerous and sociopathic. Carnage had been born out of the requirement to create an adversary for Spider-Man after Venom had decided to become the good guy. Carnage’s very first host had been a serial killer.

9. Zzxz

The names may sound a little extreme, but the power level of this symbiote is way more as Zzxz is a very unique member of this race. While the other members feed on adrenaline of their host, Zzxz feeds on the brain matter. It is immortal and cannot be killed.

10. Knull

Knull is not really a symbiote, and he is THE symbiote. Knull is a God and had been the very first of its kind. Knull had predated the Celestials, and when the Celestials had made a decision to get together and destroy Knull, latter had shown his true power when he had decapitated a Celestial.