10 Super Powerful Aliens Of The MCU


Since MCU’s Phase 1, it has introduced a lot of alien characters to their main stream story, and many of these characters have great abilities and power. These aliens have proven time and time again that they are valuable allies to the Earth’s mightiest heroes and also adversaries that had presented a huge challenge. The movie, Avengers: Infinity War had drawn the Earthly world and the cosmic realm into the very same frame, and the superheroes from Earth had been faced with a huge task of fighting the all-powerful Thanos and his Black Order. Even though they could not stop Thanos from achieving his goal, the fans had been given a hint that the adventures into the cosmic realm had just started. In light of this, here are the 10 super powerful aliens of the MCU:


He had made his debut appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, as Ronan, the Accuser and he craves for power and wants to destroy Xandar. His strength surpasses a regular Kree, and this had been seen when he fought the Guardians and handled the Power Stone.




Loki not as powerful as Thor, but he has demonstrated prowess and skill in trickery and manipulation. In The Avengers, we had sene Loki using his powers for manipulating the team into turning against each another. He even convinced the Chitauri to fight for him.


Ebony Maw is a devotee of Thanos, and while he does not fight like the other members of the Black Order, he has telekinetic abilities and superior intellect. He is seen preaching the word of the purple cosmic villain and tells the world that they will be way more happy in the new world.


Heimdall is the all-seeing keeper of the Bifrost Bridge in Asgard. and he is a very powerful Asgardian. He has superhuman abilities, and he also ages much slower. He can see and hear almost everything that happens within the Nine Realms.



The God of Thunder has demonstrated his powers many times and is the most valuable members of the team. Thor can also summon bolts of lightning, and he has the power to wield Mjolnir.


Hela is the sister of Loki and Thor, and she is the rightful heir to the throne of Asgard. This character had demonstrates she is the strongest, and she has possessed the ability to summon deadly spikes from the ground.


Although they had been given less than 60 seconds of screen time, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had confirmed their existence in the MCU. The race of beings have been watching over almost everything that has happened in the entire universe from the beginning of time.

8. EGO

Ego, is known as the living planet and is a very powerful being and has existed for almost millions years. Ego has been shown to be agile, super strong, induce hypnotic states and also able to manipulate energy.


Doctor Strange Dormammu is a very powerful and ancient celestial being and rules over the dark dimension. The reason Doctor Strange could defeat Dormammu was that he had trapped him in an infinite time loop.


The Mad Titan had proven in Avengers: Infinity War that he powerful enough to wipe out half of the universe.  He attains the powers of the six stones and fulfilled his destiny.